Mother, do you think they'll like this sequential thread titles?

In honor of this weekend, sort of.

*My grades came in …
Is there something wrong with me?

My life has just got freaking insanely surreal
Nw gm, dnt spk wth vwls

This one is guaranteed to get some pretty sick sequies:

A question about depression
Do you want me to die?

(and, later on …)
A question about depression
I am so gone on painkillers

when the revolution comes
Should I take one for the team?

No sequential threads, but I feel I must post in a thread with a Pink Floyd reference in its title.

my sex fantasy–is this weird?
Mr President meet Ozzy, Ozzy this is President Bush


A question for MLB fans
One day in Barcelona - what should we do?
Things we miss
Free Windows maze program, if you ask
An ethics/morality question
Who’s the Most Beautiful Woman in the World?-Part II

Just wanted to bump a Sequential Threads thread…might come up with some better ones later.

A new low for TV? So what, there’ll be another along next week.
shaving ladies

Take that Mr Hubbard!
Rude Old Mother Fucker!

Lucki goes clean and sober
an update

My lawnmower
Evil and dangerous? my ass :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s This Woman…
Surfin’ From the Sickbed!



Sexual question - for the ladies (X-rated)
What are the best cigars available…
Dinner at the White House: Would you go?

[sub]OK, I confess. That last one wasn’t really in sequence, but it was in the same forum.[/sub]

Mother, do you think they’ll like this sequential thread titles?
How could she possibly know?

In honor of every time I asked my mother a question, and she said 'How would I know." I think that may also be the first time a sequential thread title has been feature in a sequential thread.

[from GD]
Is F**K and “bleep” really less offensive than just saying it?
So, just what was Jesus’ message?

Apparently jesus needs to have his mouth washed out with soap.