Mother seeks vegence for her son

If someone pointed a gun at you are you supposed to be a mind reader and determine that he has no intention of shooting you? If someone is crazy enough to use a gun and the threat of violence to get what they want you should not assume that they are sane enough to be trusted with your life.

The burglar’s family is ridiculous, of course.

But on the other hand, the story reads to me as if she shot the burglar while he was fleeing, which makes it something other than self-defense, I would think.

Americans are not obligated to shoot people. You can always choose not to use a weapon you have.

The problem is that robbers brandishing guns sometimes leave their victims’ bodies on the floor. The concern is a successful theft with YOUR body on the floor rather than the perpetrator’s.

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Judging by the reaction of his mother, we’re better off with him out out the gene pool.

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And no, shouldn’t be charged as the story is presented.

In this case the shooter deserves a reward.

Sad thing is his reward will likely be losing his job for violating Pizza Hut’s policies on employees being armed.

You never know if they will turn around on the way out. That happened in Lansing, MI, while I was living there. The clerk in a convenience store was shot and killed when a robber, on their way out, turned back and shot the clerk down. The clerk was a young married man, with two kids, trying to work and go to college at the same time.

His career will be ruined.

Sounds like the guy was in an unfortunate situation. But nothing justifies committing an armed robbery.

And the circumstances sound like it was justified self-defense to shoot him.

Pizza guys get all the chicks. Sometimes two or three at a time. I’ve seen movies.

Just what I’d expect from this libtard echo chamber, everyone agreeing the robber got what he deserved.

Add me to the list.

If she wants vengance she’ll have to tool-up.

Sure. Charge the guy who killed the robber. Than charge her with attempted robbery. :rolleyes:

The famous “stand your ground” laws don’t allow you to kill people for simply stealing your stuff. If the robber in the OP’s news article had simply dashed into the restaurant and grabbed fistfuls of bills from the register before running out without threatening anybody, I don’t believe it would have been legal to shoot him.

SYG laws only allow deadly force in in situations where you are faced with an imminent threat to your own safety. In the OP’s article, the perp was pointing a loaded gun at people, literally threatening them with death if they didn’t hand over the money - and presenting a credible (if unspoken) threat that they might be killed afterward to prevent them from acting as witnesses against him (this is not an uncommon outcome of strongarm robbery).