Mother sets fire to her daughter's gloating rapist

Mother sets fire to her daughter’s gloating rapist

  • I don’t give a shit what people say about the evil of vigilance and people taking the law in their own hands, and yap yap, the fucking bastard got what he deserved. The mother should be given a medal for effective pest elimination.

She needs to be in prison, not rewarded, you idiot.


Fair play. Unfortunatly she should be punished as those are the rules but I don’t think that mattered to her.

I hope they go easy on her.

I agree.

However …

I agree.

I hope someone brought marshmallows.

The bastard gets out on a pass and taunts the mother?

I would say I hope he burns in hell, but I think he’s halfway there. I would plead temporary insanity myself.

She might argue that his taunt was a threat to her daughter, and that killing him was legitimate defense of her daughter. (If I were on her jury, I’d be inclined to accept the argument).

FYI, this happened in 2005.

I’m of two minds. I can understand and appreciate the mother’s actions, I’m not shedding a tear for a dead rapist. I also believe that in a “just” society, she would go to jail for killing another person. If you feel so strongly that this man must die for his crimes, then you should be willing to be jailed for killing him.

I am pretty much against vigilante justice.

Having said that, once the system fails ya, I sure as hell aint gonna judge you if you go postal from the results.

In the US, we have laws WRT “fighting words.” I don’t have the specifics for CA handy, but I suppose it could be one of her possible defenses.

She made a choice, she can stand trial for it. No problem. I can’t say I don’t understand why she (may) have done it.

True, but convict her on an arson charge. Or illegal trash burning.

You don’t think that informing the police of the threat and taking measures to protect her daughter’s safety would have been a more proportionate response?

I think I would have loved to see this.

Proportionate? To the rapist of her 13-year-old daughter? I think her response was entirely proportionate.

I don’t care about the legality. The bottom line is that justice got done.

Yeah. They could have got him and sent him to jail. That woulda learned him.

yeah! and hopefully she is raped daily, right QED?

The dead guy spent seven years in jail for the rape, and apparently was going back for another two years or so after that “weekend.” Nine years is a short sentence, but compared to an innocent person who gets sent to jail, for example, the mother has little argument for “the system failed.”

Where you getting that bollocks from?

The woman broke the law. She is not above it. I have great sympathy for her but she needs to be accountable for her actions.