Motherfucking Cinemark owns every cocksucking theater in Marin County

And I just learned today that their asshole CEO donated ten grand to getting Prop. 8 passed.

Guess I’m not seeing any movies in the theaters any time soon. Not unless I want to drive into the city.

On the bright side, I don’t have to see that hideous fucking “Front Row Pete” cat cartoon anymore.

There’s still the Rafael Film Center

I’m surprised that you object to a cocksucking theater. Or are you complaining about being deprived of cocksucking theaters because you dislike the management’s politics? Maybe you can go to cocksucking plays or ballets more?

Yeah, but that’s strictly arthouse. If I want to see mainstream, first run movies, my choices have narrowed considerably. Although not entirely gone: there’s still Fairfax 5, the Lark Theater, and the Tiburon Playhouse. So I’ve got options. But every theater I usually attend has been bought out by those Texan bastards. The Century Cinema in Corte Madera, where I’ve seen every single Star Wars film since I was a little kid? Cinemark. Century Larkspur, two blocks down from my apartment? Cinemark. The big mall theater in Northgate? Cinemark. The crappy Regency theater across the highway? Cinemark? Rowland Plaza, up in Novato? Cinemark. These fuckers are everywhere.

So go to the City, or to Petaluma (if you’d be willing to go all the way to Novato, it’s only another fifteen minutes or so to Petaluma). Or just wait til the movies are out on DVD, I guess.

Oh you poor poor leftists enslaved to the completely ineffectual boycotting of businesses owned by people you don’t like to their complete and utter ambivalence.

Just go to Cinemark.
What’s the big fucking deal? Who cares what their CEO does with his money? You don’t have to make every aspect of your life, especially one as trivial as going to the movies, a civil rights struggle or a political statement.

Just lighten up and go where it’s most convenient.

It seems to me that the trivial aspects of my life are where it’s easiest to make a political statement, no? I mean, if my employer had donated money to Prop. 8, I’m not going to quit over it, because I need to pay rent and buy groceries. I can’t afford to sacrifice my career to make a political statement. But I don’t need to go to the movies. This is precisely the sort of area in my life where I can most afford to make a political statement.

Wow, some of these comments come from a place of privilege. Look, even if we’re not going to bring Cinemark to its knees, financing our own oppression is just something that many of us are not going to want to do.

I feel for you Miller. I attended a large demonstration a few weeks ago in front of a local Cinemark. My husband and I used to go to this theater all the time, it was our favorite theater in Chicago, but we haven’t been back since Prop 8 and won’t go back. We’re not casual moviegoers either. Last year we saw over 150 films in the theater (not all at this one). Luckily we have many many other theater options.

I’ll assume nobody gave money to a cause to take any of your rights away or voted to take something away from you that was legal, none of their business and didn’t hurt them in the least.

Exactly. It’s not even my own oppression, since I’m not gay, but I have sympathy for your struggle and I’ll do what little I can to help.

Was that his own money or Cinemark’s ?

Does that make a difference for you ?

He was the CEO. Hello? Who pays his salary?

Going out to the movies sucks nowadays anyway. You won’t be missing much.

Its a bit like a tree falling where nobody can see nor hear it. If the target of your boycott is unaware of your boycott, hardly matters. I’ve been boycotting Coors Beer for forty years now, to no noticeable effect.

Flip side of that is, when times is tough, theaters, movies, that lot get clobbered. There’s a decent chance that these people will go broke whether you boycott them or not. And, of course, if a hundred people lose their jobs, its a lead pipe cinch at least one of them is gay, no?

For people like me, who support the causes of oppressed groups but don’t actually belong to any of them, it gets even more complicated. If I boycott every corporate entity that has some complicity in oppression, I will be living in a cave, eating roots and berries. And no intertubes, either!

So, what I’m getting at is lean in a direction. Things being roughly equal, buy what you want from somebody who doesn’t piss you off. But if you want to see a movie, fuck it, go see the movie. If your hearts in the right place and your head is screwed on right, that counts. The rest of it, not so much.

So the CEO is a woman then? Because if it’s a man and he owns all the cocksucking theaters in the county I can’t imagine why he’d donate in support of Prop 8.

The CEO is very aware of the boycott. There have been demonstrations at Cinemarks all over the country. The one in Chicago attracted a few hundred people on a Saturday night. Several people who were heading to their movie ended up marching with us. The infuriating thing was that Milk was going to open there, and many of us were trying to let people know to go see it elsewhere. Yeah, he’ll give money to take away gay rights, but will gladly take money from gays via a movie about a gay icon. I’ve seen Milk twice, and I had planned to see it there, since it’s super easy for me to get to, but I went elsewhere.

Sure, it’s not going to make a dent in their bottom line, but so what? He knows. They know.

Collateral damage. Cinemark is not going to go out of business though. A better example of that scenario is El Coyote in Los Angeles, where the manager gave money to Prop 8 and the restaurant has been under siege ever since. I haven’t heard what’s going on recently, but the last I heard, she quit. But, it turns out that her mother owns the place, and her mother is very old, and when she dies, the daughter will inherit the restaurant! Her “quitting” was just a meaningless symbolic gesture. I hope the gays in LA keep up the pressure.


Symbolism matters to people: we wear wedding rings, put up Christmas trees, dedicate trees. Not everyone has the same sensitivity to symbolism, but it seems to be hard-wired into the human brain and isn’t something that can really being dismissed: it may be a purely symbolic gesture, but that doesn’t make it merely a symbolic gesture.

So he is an employee of the company. If I want a burger, do I have to scan the payrolls of all company employees at McD’s to make sure none of them voted for or express an opinion that I strongly disagree with? Shit, I’m gonna be starving before I can get my Big Mac on.

This is kinda like protesting holiday treats cuz you are a vegetarian who doesnt like the name referring to animal parts… though they don’t really.

How is this any different that poor poor rightists boycotting Disney because it decided to support gay rights?

Wait a minute, I thought we were boycotting Disney?! Where’s the memo?

(I remember a couple of my friends, much more sternly Correct than I. When I was taking the Err Apparent to see the Disney flick all the kids wanted to see, they wouldn’t let theirs go with. Fucking Trotskyists, they just will not lighten up!)