Moths or silverfish- how do I keep them off my clothes?

So I’ve been finding holes in my clothes and I’m not happy, damnit. So do I have to use moth-balls and have my clothes smell like napthalene? and do moth-balls work on silver fish? (I think that’s the name for those crawling buggers with the forked tails that eat clothes.) Does ceder work? How much would I need to use for a closet?


(9 friggin’ years w/o holes and now they’re everywhere. Arrrgh!)

[ul][] First I’d try some things like moth balls and cedar chests for storing clothes. [] If this doesn’t work, buy a copy of this book. And as a last resort you might try an all polyester wardrobe. :p[/ul]

Cedar works. Buy a cedar-lined chest, it’s cheaper than an entire closet (how many items of clothing are we talking about, anyway?) Also, a cedar chest keeps the essential cedar oils in better than a closet, and the chest provides a physical barrier to the moths, with the lid, see?

But before you put the clothes away in the chest you have to have them thoroughly washed or dry cleaned, to make sure they’re not already infested.

If you have an ongoing problem with holes being eaten in clothing you’re still wearing (as opposed to clothes that are in storage), then you have a whole houseful of clothes moths (an “Infestation”) and you have a Serious Problem.

Probably more than you wanted to know about clothes moths.

Silverfish live around moisture. So unless you keep your clothes wet…it ain’t those little boogers.

Thanks. I’ll keep them dry and use ceder. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this is a hijack. I think ** PosterChild** is happy.

I wanna know MORE about silverfishes.

I have them in my bedroom. Not by the dozens, but every once in a while.

I know they like damp places and eat little insects [I live next to some large trees] and they’re fond of books, wallpaper, in fact; anything with glue.

But where do they come from?

Outside? Where do they normally live - when not in my bedroom -?

Can anyone help me here? Thank you. :slight_smile: