Motivational posters, "Star Trek" style

I busted a gut over these. Hope you like 'em, too:

Yah, those things are freaking awesome. I want the James T. Kirk one for my wall. :*D

I wanted to see one that read something like “Your mother doesn’t work here, so you’ll have to clean the warp core yourself.” Or “…so you’ll have to run a holodeck program to talk to her.” Or something.

How about one of Kirk dangling off the bridge in Generations with the caption “Hang in there, baby!”?

Damn, those are even better than the DeMotivators!

Huh. I didn’t think they were that great. One major exception is the “Sexual Tension” poster, which is brilliant.

I particularly enjoyed Ingenuity and Diplomacy. The Sarek one was pretty good as well.

“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.”

I’m laughing so hard at that one, I’m weeping. Some of the others aren’t as good, but that one just got me.

Yeah! That and

You want to know why they argue all the time?
Because the make-up sex is incredible.


Same here. The sexual tension one is the only one that’s amusing to me. None of the rest, except maybe Racism, are even slightly funny.

Are they better than Strong Bad’s motivational posters? This wood-burny one has some sort of adage on it…about goats.

Actually, even though I’ve never watched an episode of the original Star Trek, some of these are pretty funny. My favorites:

“Vulcans: So brilliant. So logical. So pointy.”
“20th Century Earth: It must have been a great place, because they were always going there.”
“That Fight Music: dun-dun DA DA DA DA DA DA dun-dun DA da…”
“San Francisco: The only place in the world where you can dress like this and people won’t look at you twice.”

And perhaps my most favorite of all:

“Diplomacy: Words don’t always solve problems. Sometimes you just have to punch an alien in the face.”