Motorcycle purchase and 'fees'.

DH is looking into purchasing a motorcycle. I’m wondering about all the extra fees- dock fee (50.00), assembly fee (175.00), shipping (50.00).

Are those fees standard in a motorcycle purchase, or is the dealer padding the bill?

Prices are negotiable depending on the willingness of the dealer. Typically additional markups are a way of padding the price to start the negotiations higher. It’s been 22 years since I bought a motorcycle but the truck I bought in 2000 was similar. The dealer’s price didn’t mean diddly squat to me. I did my research on consumer reports, found the invoice price and rebates and paid less than invoice price as I had already arranged my own financing.

Yes and yes - it is standard for the dealer to pad the bill. Negotiate. If you’ve decided you want the bike and you’re equally willing to ride it off the lot if you get the offer you want or leave if you don’t, you can get some pretty good deals.

If the dealer does not want to even negotiate, go elsewhere. (Unless it’s a brand/model that’s hard to get ? I know some Harleys were sold way over MSRP for a while.)

Thanks for your opinions. He’s looking at this one

MSRP 6999.00, dealer offered 6399.00 plus fees, etc.

Good choice of bikes. I bought my Yamaha YZF-R1 last summer. (I bought a new 2002 model, because the 2003s didn’t come in red.)

I had looked at the YZF600 a couple of years ago at the same shop. When I asked how much I could get it for, the dealer started going on about tax, license, documentation fees, destination fees, dealer prep… I said I just wanted to know the base price. He told me that the price (full retail) is on the tag, and they would not come down.

In July I found out that the shop was under new management. The bikes were all marked below MSRP and included all of the fees in that price! So a YZF-R1 that retailed for $10,500 (or was it $11,000? I don’t remember) sold for $9,999 “out the door” – including sales tax.

Many dealers won’t budge on the price. Some will. My other bike is a 1994 Yamaha XJ600 Seca II. When I was looking for one, the L.A. dealers listed it at full retail, but would lower the price $300 when you negotiated. Lancaster Yamaha started at the same price other dealers would go down to, and then went down a couple hundred from there. And as I said, Marina Yamaha in Marina del Rey did right by me on the R-1.

This is why you need to ask for the ‘on the road’ price, insist on getting it as it means that there is nothing further to pay, and you know what the true cost will be.