Motorcycle Q: What is a clip-on?

All supersport motorcycles seem to have clip-ons. What is the difference between a clip-on and a standard handlebar?

A standard handlebar is a single piece, like on a bicycle. Sportbike have two handlebars (one for each side) that ‘clip on’ to the tops of the forks.

For comparison I snapped a couple of photos.

Standard handlebars on my Seca II. Note that they are attached to the triple-tree.

Clip-on handlebars on my YZF-R1. They ‘clip on’ to the forks below the upper triple-tree.

As you can see, clip-on handlebars allow the rider to get into a lower “racer’s crouch.” They’re also a wee bit lighter than a full-length bar.

Thanks guys!

BTW, I am going to get that R6 tomorrow :smiley:

When come back, bring photos.