Motorcycle Thread: Favorite Roads

Like Johnny sez, we should always have at least one MC thread going, so lets start this one!

What are your favorite roads/areas to ride?

for me, the roads in and around Prescott, Arizona are phonominal! Tight switchbacks and sweepers for miles and miles. also lots of good dirt biking areas around there, too! i have never lived there, but had friends in college and got out there a few times on my RZ.

highway 49 thru the gold country and foothills in california is big fun, but watch out for the CHP!

Lake Tahoe Basin-- trips around the lake on the roads or offroading on the east shore sierra range has got to be my favorite. the traffic on the roads is pretty bad now, but it is still a great ride with some nice scenery and the weather is great in the summer. the dirt bike riding is out of this world! not too dusty, not too hot, good traction, fantastic scenery! you gotta know the trails however or you miss some real good areas.

mostly ride in the pine nut mountains now. still finding new trails everyday, but don’t get to ride nearly as much as i would like…

how bout you all?

There isn’t much around here.

The ultimate is Deal’s Gap NC.

AKA “The Dragon’s Tail”

I forget the stats, it is something absurd like 335 curves in an 11 mile stretch.

There is a tree with a sign that says"Tree of Shame" with various cracked fairings, etc. nailed to it.

I’ve never gone…but may try to make it up there early next year.

Just about anywhere in Tennessee.

318 turns, 11 miles. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I had to look at it to get the numbers.

Nearby is the Blue Ridge Parkway, another beauty.

In North Georgia, Hwy 219/19 from Blairsville to Dahlonega, and in and around Suches, GA.

US 1 in the Florida Keys.

Hwy 24 in Maine out to Bailey Island.

That’s my list. So far.

Lockheed Blvd in Fort Worth, going right in the front gate of work. I come off the freeway, roll on the throttle as soon as I come out of the curve and open it up until I have to shut it down before I hit the concrete baricades they put up after sept 11. Its like a final act of defiance to the world before I sell out for the day pretend to be a citizen for for the rest of the day. It may be a short run, I only hit around 80 or so, but its almost a spritual thing.

Over on an R1 message board someone dyno’ed their turbocharged R1.

Damn thing went from 70-140mph in 2.4 seconds.

And I thought I had alot to handle.

**Ortega Highway **

i got to do some riding in tennessee when i was there on business. real nice area but there were alot of bugs :smiley: !

would have liked to zip over to deals gap, but had neither the time or the correct bike! enjoyed tenn and ky however.

Well I don’t get out much but…

MD 77 near Thurmont, it’s not really long, but has a lot of curves in the forest.

Alt US 40 between Middletown MD and Boonsburo MD is fun though even shorter.

MD 117 in Montgomery Co MD is fun too.

Never been to Deal’s gap, but I-40 between Ashboro NC and the TN border is a lot of fun, I like the long sweepers that you can take at high speeds.

I think it’s IA 18, but it might be US 18 in Eastern Iowa, again the long sweepers that one can do around 70-80 mph without a problem. This is near the Mississippi river.

US 50 has it’s moments in West Virginia.

There are a few in National Parks that are a lot of fun, The Black Gunnison has one road that has a 17% slope, it’s not as fun going down, but coming back up sure is. The Rocky Mtn park in CO above Denver is fun too.

My fovorite though, and probably because I’ve only done it once is US 395 in CA. I did it last year between the start near LA until Reno, NA. I got up early in the morning right at sun rise. What a change of landscape, great curves, very few people. Perfect, too bad I live way on the other side of the US or I’d be there all the time.

Like I said I don’t get out much. :slight_smile: But anyone that’s in the MD area let me know and we can go for a ride, I know some good roads.

666 in Arizona, ending up at I believe the Morinci mine. That was 20 years ago on a Z1 Classic but I still remember the gnarly beast.

NorthWest Arkansas and SouthWest Missouri ia almost all good. No lids in AR and a LOT of nice paved backroads.
Done most of what has been said about except 666?

Only problem with TN. is the lid law. Great secondary road state to meander through.

Can’t beat the West for secenery, anywhere beats the NH roads but love the place anyway. (Live free or die.) Wanna go back to Maine but Summer is people and FL is bugs. I hate to clean my teeth that much. Hanging out at Sebring Fl. is funn when the locals are playing…