Motorcycle tires

I looked at my rear tire yesterday, and it’s getting down to the wear bars. Interestingly, I saw some cord inside of the treads. Obviously, it’s time to replace them. (They have about 8,000 miles on them.)

Currently the bike wears the factory-issue Dunlops. My other bike came with Dunlops, and it has also worn Bridgestone Battleaxe and Metzlers. (For some reason choices for the Seca II seem somewhat limited; I think it has Bridgestones on it right now.) I dropped the R1 a couple of months ago when I was making a left turn accelerating from a stop sign. The Dunlops were wet and the back end just slid out from under me. (Thank the gods I have frame sliders! Not a scratch on the plastic.) But since then I’ve been a little leery about Dunlops.

Which tires should I get? I’m leaning toward Metzlers. (Oh. Pun.)

(I’ll replace the chain and sprokets at the same time.)

Metzelers are very good tires, can’t go wrong with them. I prefer Avon tires myself. I have had Michelins and Dunlops before and I have found that the Avons are better on wet roads. Their sportbike tires are very sticky but don’t last as long as others, though. BTW, I have Distanzias on my '96 Triumph Tiger and Roadrunners on my '73 Norton Commando.

I’m amazed that you get so many miles out of your tyres on a R1, I’d have thourht that half that and you would be doing well.

How about the Bridgestone BT014 dual compounds.

I believe they are recommended for Michelin Pilots, at least for the later ones.

I’ve had Metzelers and liked them a lot. (Incidentally, I also have a Metzeler self-inflating air mattress. Used to be a bit of a joke that I’d be on Metzeler rubber day and night when I went camping on the bike)

I’m on Bridgestone Battlax right now, and I like them - the fact that I picked up two screws in the threads withn 3 months probably can’t be blamed on the tires.

Holy crap, I have a '97 Tiger. I was feeling awfully alone. I have a new friend today! I have two new Michelins leaning against my toolbox waiting for time to put them on.

On my CBR 1000 I always liked the Avon DT 207"s. (I think that’s the number. It’s been a while since I sold it.) Sticky as hell but don’t last very long.

My Honda Transalp isn’t on the road and I dread looking for tires for it. Talk about limited choices.

When you replace the back, you might consider dropping back one size in the width(to a 170)…I did it with my R1, it turns in much quicker. The tire profile to the road is much more aggressive

Sadly, almost all of my riding nowadays is on flat, straight roads. :frowning:

Got the new tires today. I happened to get a good look at the old rear one. Scary.

I could see about a ten-inch by eighth-inch strip of cord down the middle. A couple of weeks ago I saw that it was getting down to the wear bars. It seemed to wear extremely fast, if it’s showing cord!

I ended up getting Michelin Pilots. The bike is much quicker into turns now than with the stock Dunlops.

Oh, to clarify: I did see some cord inside the tread. That was a little mystifying. The cord I saw today was on the outside, right down the middle.