Motorcycle with no rear hub???

I’m not into motorbikes, but this looks strange.

There’s a few custom builders that do something very similar - looks ok but it needs a hard tail, the engineering to fit rear linkage and shocker are not easy, if at all, to implement.

that only works because it’s an electric bike. the inner “ring” of the rear wheel (which mounts to the swingarm) looks to be the stator of the electric motor, and the outer ring (which the tire is mounted on) is the spinning armature of the motor.

Not to be pedantic - but I hate it when they say it “has no rear hub”.

It, in fact, has a rear hub. The hub just happens to be huge and hollow. If there were no hub, the wheel would not be able to spin independently of the cycle’s frame.

It doesn’t need to be electric for it to work - though I don’t see any advantages aside from it looking different:

There have been hubless gas engined prototype bikes going back to the late '80s at least. I’m not aware of any going into major production, but the technology exists.

Sbarro’s prototype, 1989.

If ever a bike needed rear-sets, this is the one.


Here’s a bicycle with a similar design. Though I see this Kickstarter was funded in 2016 and it still hasn’t been produced/shipped.

There are lots of models of “hubless” bicycles.

I’m a cyclist and am going to pass on that one. Looks heavy and it is: Carbon frame and it weighs 26 lbs? Holy wheel hub, Batman!

I love the storage options on hubless bikes.