Mouse, computer compatability

I was attempting to plug an old mouse into a new laptop, and was stymied by the fact that the pins on the mouse’s plug don’t line up with the holes in the mouse port on the laptop – specifically, one larger pin on the mouse is horizontal, but the corresponding hole on the laptop is vertical.

Why? Are there different kinds of mice and mouse interfaces? If I go to the store and buy a mouse, can I be reasonably sure that it will fit when I get it home?

Is the laptop a mac by any chance???
The vertical pin on the mouse port is normal. It’s a PS/2 mouse. The similarly shaped ports on Macs are not compatible.

I suspect the port on the laptop may actually be a video connector; does it look like this?

Mangetout It probably is. My laptop has one, and no ps/2 ports. My mouse uses a USB port.

P.s. your link doesn’t work

Hmmm… worlks for me; try this one.

Laptop is an IBM T40. The port is definitely a mouse port; it has the mouse icon over it. The mouse with the vertical pin is made by Compaq, FWIW. So what I’m hearing is that the mouse is looking for a PS/2 port (and when was the last time you saw PS/2 running on a computer…?) and my laptop doesn’t have one.

What’s the alternative–what kind of mouse fits into the mouse port on my laptop? Or should I just get a USB mouse?

If you have money to spend, getting a USB mouse would be good, because that way you could get a cordless one.
Like this one What I like about it is that the reciever has no wire (so it doesn’t need a surface, or to dangle off the laptop) the mouse has an on off switch (saving battery life) and the mouse and reciever have a storage pouch.

Lookcloser - are you sure it isn’t a little oval with a letter ‘s’ in it?

s for ‘s-video’ that’s what mine says. Curse it for looking like a mouse.

My god…you’re right!! I’ve been trying to plug my mouse into the video-out port all this time.

So it looks like the IBM T40 doesn’t have a mouse port, other than the USB ports. Huh.

Don’t feel bad about it, I did exactly the same thing (which was precisely why the thread caught my attention).

So it looks like the IBM T40 doesn’t have a mouse port, other than the USB ports. Huh.
Looks that way, but you can get some really cute little USB mice designed specifically for laptops nowadays, I mean really little ones, about an inch and a half long) and others with retractable cords that wind back into the mouse itself. If you do buy a laptop-oriented mouse, make sure the cord is long enough, as it looks like your USB ports are on the left (I’m foolishly assuming you’re right handed of course).

I’m surprised to see the T40 has a trackpad as well as a tit - do you not get on with either of these pointing methods?

The trackpad and, uh, nipple work in a pinch. But I do 90% of my work with a mouse, and much prefer it. My laptop is usually in a docking station; I undock it for occasional work at home or conference room presentations. So I’d like to have a mouse in the travel bag just for those occasions, without unplugging my everyday mouse from the dock, and bringing it along.

Thanks for your help!

Does the T40 have have an integrated bluetooth adaptor?

Damfino. I’ll check the manual.

And the answer is…no bluetooth.