Moussaoui gets life, not death...

…what’s your take?

I think this is fine. Considering that Moussaoui belongs, and is a hero, to a group of people who think dying for their cause is a shortcut to paradise, I’m all for letting him rot for the next 60 years. An occasional cornholing wouldn’t break my heart either (of him, not me).

I’m surprised but satisfied. I always thought it was a fait accompli that they were going to string the guy up.

I doubt he’s going to get cornholed, though. I imagine he’ll probably spend a lot of time in his own private, concrete box.

They should have just rid the world of him. While I don’t mind what he got from a punishment standpoint, I never want to hear his fucking name again.

If I was given the choice of spending the rest of my life in prison or getting a lethal injection I’d pick the latter. Therefore I want Moussaoui to spend the rest of his life alone in a concrete box. I don’t want to hear or read his name mentioned in the media again. He will never get his desired martydom.

I’m against the death penalty on principle, because of how I feel about our justice system and it’s ability to impose punishment on innocent people. As a result, I have to be satisfied with the punishment not being death, though I wouldn’t have given a second thought to him getting the death penalty.

23 hours a day in a concrete box, with 1 hour a day in a slightly larger open-topped concrete box will have to do.

Me too. In this case, as OneCentStamp pointed out, life in prison is especially appropriate because it avoids giving him martyrdom.

Something about the Moussasoui case always bothered me. The man seems batshit crazy to me, and not just in the usual sense that all terrorists are crazy for doing what they do. Moussasoui doesn’t seem like he’s playing with a full deck, if you know what I mean. He’s claimed credit for stuff he obviously hasn’t done (the shoebomber thing) and he seemed to be deliberately trying to bait the jury into giving him death. I’m glad the jury didn’t take the bait.

I am pro-death penalty on principle, and I think the life sentence in this case is fine.

Moussaoui was acting out during the trial, doing everything he could to outrage the jury and get a death sentence to hasten martyrdom. His lot now should be obscure confinement for the rest of his days. No exchange for other prisoners should be considered.

Maybe he could share a cell with Richard Reed, the half-assed shoe bomber. They could develop a beautiful friendship.

Ditto. Killing him would make him some sort of martyr. We don’t want that. may he live a very long time, and hate every second of it.

I wish upon him the same punishment I wish upon Bin Laden and all his ilk.

A long and healthy life, in a small concrete cell, forgotten by all.

A large and vibrant television with Fox News and E! constantly playing would add a certain je ne sais quoi, in my opinion.

Great news.

I too, wish him a long, but not so healthy life. [maybe some ingrowing toenails, or something?]

May he soon dissapear from the news-headlines and may his dreams be awful.

Justice was served.
Bush’s justice department got served.

What bothers me is not so much the decision itself, but the reports that it was influenced by at least one juror’s notion that Moussaoui deserved a break because of his bad childhood. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I was pleased with the verdict and would be interested to hear the jurors’ thoughts about their decision making process in the future.

Overall, I think he is both nuts and deserving of a death sentence, but I’m satisfied with the sentence he did get.

I’m curious about why he shouted that he “won”. What distorted perception could make him think he won anything? I would have expected him to say something similar if he got the DP (or set free- ha), but not for a life sentence.

Fine by me. Wall him up with a lifetime supply of pork and beer*.

*Hey, if he can engage in a murderous conspiracy, which unless I’m sorely mistaken is prohibited by Islam, why not?

Well, the defense has claimed that he suffers from schizophrenia. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s quite possible that he has some kind of mental illness.

It is amazing how many people say this when not in the actual circumstances, and how few do anything but fight for life when actually faced with the prospect of being put to death.

I’m surprised. “Pleased” is certainly not the word I want, but I’m against the death penalty and I do wonder if Moussaoui has real psychiatric problems.

Personally, I think a months-long countdown to his execution would be even more disgusting than periodically hearing that he’s alive and in jail. I remember the runup to Tim McVeigh’s execution, and that whole process really made me sick. I sensed something like bloodlust in a lot of people discussing the topic.

Is he such a hero? I seem to recall hearing that he was something of a bumbler and an annoyance to other members of al-Qaeda, and that they’d actually take money out of their own pockets (and by extension, ‘terrorism budget,’ so to speak) to encourage him to go away so’s they could get back to planning villainy.

That said, I’m pleased and a bit surprised he got life imprisonment. Pleased because he’s clearly batshiat crazy, and while he was aware of certain things, I’m not sure if he was ever really ‘involved’ (much less planning to 'jack a fifth plane with Mr. Hotfoot). Surprised because he went to such efforts to make sure that he wound up riding the metaphorical lightning (see batshiat crazy, above).

I think he was trying to commit suicide by state. That’s the impression I got when I read about his taunting and goading the jurors, and the horrible things he said about the 9/11 dead. I think he knows what happened to Ramzi Yousef, now sitting forgotten in a steel and concrete box. I’m glad the jury thwarted his scheme and I hope he rots in a supermax prison for a long time.

We’ll certainly hear a lot less from him this way then we would if he had wound his way through the lengthy death penalty appeals process.