Move over, Jeffrey Dahmer

They need to do way with instain mothers who kill thier babbys…

Sorry. Had to.

Thank you. That took the edge off.

Neighbors are saying she was a good babysitter! They thought.

Not 7 times.

My MIL is a nurse/midwife, so she has some contact with the maternity wards. According to her, it’s not the usual pattern, but not unknown at least in the big public hospitals. Unless the hospital staff noticed other red flags for potential abuse they would not be too concerned beyond making certain mother and baby had reliable transportation.

Yup, every city has an annual parade for women who’ve terminated pregnancies. Whoever gestated the longest before the abortion gets to ride on the big float, wearing a crown and sash!

A hero of what?

Waneta Hoyt, mentioned in the Wikipedia article about Marie Noe. Psychologists have said that she killed her babies because she couldn’t handle the competition for her husband’s affection.

Well, that would the logical, psychologically healthy thing to do, yes. I think, though, that we can probably all agree that these people are the polar opposite of psychologically healthy.

As a crazy cat lady, I expect you have some expertise on this. :slight_smile:

Nobody would eat that sandwich.