Move over, Jeffrey Dahmer

We have a new anti-hero, Megan Huntsman.

Dahmer still has a higher body count, and he ate some of them. We also know he tortured and abused some of his victims prior to killing and eating them.

Sorry, Dahmer still wins the ickyness award.

7 babies born over 10 years, each killed and put into individual boxes isn’t good enough for you? What does a respectable, deranged psychopath have to do to get some recognition nowadays? Sheesh!

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Yes, but…newborn babies. How can someone be pregnant and give birth to six (or seven) full-term infants without anyone in her life wondering what happened to them?

Artificial insemination? Saving semen from condoms? Prostitution?

I don’t think the method of conception is really the question. If you were a friend of hers, and saw her pregnant seven times, and you said “oh, you must be so busy with seven children!”, and she said “what children?”, that would start to sound a little odd.

The article I read mentions a neighbor noticing her gaining and losing weight over the years, but not in a way where he ever thought she was pregnant. Who the hell knows?

But yeah, the Dahmer comparison seems odd to me. Maybe an evil Octomom.

Would the Amanda Berry incident seem more reasonable?

Exactly. Perhaps she had a complex and plausible web of explanations involving adoption or surrogate motherhood? Or maybe she had nobody significant in her life that would even wonder?

In any case she is probably a different sick animal than Dahmer, who although right up there on the ick scale was strangely likeable when interviewed.

ETA: Dahmer’s interview with Stone Phillips.

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Did she give birth at hospitals? I wonder how often a pregnant woman shows up with no one in tow to a hospital, gives birth, has no visitors, and leaves with the child on her own?
Has anyone who’s ever worked a maternity ward seen this?

You realize that a hospital is not required to give birth? Especially if you have been only gaining weight and seesawing in and out?

Especially if you aren’t terribly concerned about the health of the baby.

She has a long way to go to catch up to Amelia Dyer (aka the Baby Butcher).

Those are the people she killed and ate.

This is awful. How could someone be so evil?

With two known exceptions, Jeffrey Dahmer killed adult men. He isn’t even the worst male-on-male serial killer out there as either John Wayne Gacy or Patrick Kearney who killed at least 33 and 43 people, respectively. Or even William Bonin who killed at least 34 and some of whose murders were at first attributed to Kearney.

This woman is far worse than the woman detailed in the news story,OP:

The first of Marybeth Tinning’s children to die did so from natural causes, and one of the kids was adopted. :eek: There was another “SIDS serial killer” who later adopted a child, but for some reason, she spared that one. Can’t remember her name right now.

Marie Noe also killed 8 of her kids.

I just don’t see how women can go to all the trouble of having their babies, and then do that. If she didn’t want that baby, she should place it for adoption.

I sometimes go to a meetup that’s often attended by a woman who works in postpartum OB. I should ask her. I would imagine it’s not uncommon at all. :frowning:

If she had aborted them, she’d be a hero.