moved to RI, lost car registation and plates just expired, crap

How do I get my car legal. The plates (temporaly dealer ones from indiana) expired a few days ago, and I manged to get the money to make it legal yesteday. Thing is I just removed to RI. Well I got some proof of address in the mail (light bill) yesterday right after the dmv closed. My mom has the title back in michigan, but she’s flakey about stuff, and it could take a month to get her to mail it. How do I get my car legal? I have insurance from michigan.

I still have the temporay plates if that’ll help.

Expired stuff is pretty common for people that move one state to another. It isn’t that big of a deal. I converted my 18 month expired Louisiana drivers license to a Massachusetts one with no trouble at all.

I think the order you need to follow is:

Convert drivers license -> Register your vehicle -> Find new insurance

I can’t speak for Rhode Island but the Massachusetts DMV is about as helpful and friendly as you will find in the U.S. Maybe it rubbed off on the little neighbor. Anyway, you need to convert your license before you can do anything else. Ask the DMV what to do with your situation while you are there. They won’t call the police to have you hauled away. Drive safely and you won’t have any problems. Police tend to ignore interstate registration problems because they are confusing and hard to deal with.

I’ve lived in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts my entire life, with the exception of a 14 month stint in Rhode Island. Dealing with the Mass RMV is a pleasure. You walk in, they tell you what paperwork you need, the clerk handles everything quickly and efficiently. It really is a great example of government working for you.

That was Massachusetts.

The Rhode Island DMV was an aggrivating, horrible, enraging ordeal. Only one of their offices (Pawtucket) is open every day, most are only open two days a week. The lines at the satelite offices are either non-existant, or they wrap around the building. No middleground. You can guess where you’ll hit it.

If you’re from out of state, to transfer the registration for your car, you need to have a VIN check at your local police station. Of course, they only do VIN checks at certain times. Give the desk clerk the $10, an officer comes out and runs your VIN to make sure the car isn’t stolen. It hooks up to the same computer the registry has, why can’t the registry do it?

I sat on the church-style pews in the Pawtucket registry office (the old one) for eight, yes eight, hours to register my wife’s car. It had just been paid off, the loan was held by a Massachusetts company. The title was in Mass, but hadn’t been transferred to Rhode Island. The nightmare of waiting, going to a desk when the computer calls you, being told “no, you need this,” getting it from a different line, then having to go back to wait in the first line, only to need a stamp from that lady over there, I left a very disgruntled customer.

When I moved back to Massachusetts, I was in and out of the Fall River registry office in less than 30 minutes, with my wife and I’s licenses and registrations converted. Say what you want about Massachusetts, but they have their proverbial stuff together. Although I work in Rhode Island, and my entire family on my mother’s side lives there, you could never pay me enough to move back there. Move to Massachusetts or Connecticut and drive in - thats what everyone else does.

On a side note, the law in Rhode Island is that you have to change your license and registration within 7 days of moving there. To do that, you need to prove residency. Residency is proven with a bill stub. How do you get a bill (which is usually mailed monthly) after only living there for less than seven days?

Good luck getting this straightened out. The workers at the RI DMV try to be helpful, but the system that they’re dealing with is about as arcane as any could be made to be. It’ll sort itself out in the end.

Thanks all.

The DMV branch in Woonsocket don’t look to busy. I’ll see about getting my license converted monday. Also gotta used to calling hot dogs ‘wieners’ and pop ‘soda’ and its not the secretary of state it’s the ‘dmv’.

I know this is too late, but it’s best to go to the Registry (not DMV) at the Rhode Island mall. There might be a little line, but you can go over to Sears and just keep checking back to see if your number is called.

Do they have AAA out there? Does it offer the same services as it does here?