Free "Yes We Did" Stickers

To be found here. The regular one took a while for me to get and this one similarly says 5 to 7 weeks, but I think it was (and is) worth it.


Yeah, they want my phone number. I have enough people calling me that aren’t welcome to do so. I don’t need another group. I’ll have to pass.

I got the email but the website seems to be down or something.

In six months they have yet to call me, although I do get some interesting email. It’s pretty risk free–and if you’re all that paranoid, make a number up!

On edit–that site does look to be down and flapping, try this one.

So, how long before the “OH NO YOU DIDN’T!” response stickers come out? :smiley:

Their server seems to be jammed and it took a while, but my order did go through.

Five stickers for three bucks. Not bad.

I was going to do the $3 donation for five stickers, then tossed on an extra five bucks. I figure a lot of people are doing the free ones only, after all, and it’d be nice for them to raise some money off of this. There are a lot of good fights that still need to be fought.

Keep trying if you get a server error message. And they’ve never called me; just emails (which I like getting).

When I first saw this thread this morning I assumed MoveOn was giving away stickers (which, they are–1 apiece), but having gone back to take another look, I see they’re wanting donations. When it comes to causes, solicitations and charities, please remember to ask permission first: