movie goofs

I found this great site of movie goofs:

But now I need more! Can anyone here come up with more like them?

hahahh gotta like this one: one can be very hard to get to. It’s very busy.


IMDB has goofs listed on many movies catalogued there. Just look for “goofs” on the sidebar.

In case it wasn’t clear - I was looking for parodies of movie goofs, as in the link i quoted. And I was hoping that if there weren’t more sites like that out there that perhaps people on the board could make some more up.

Any creative people out there for something like this?

From Curwin’s original link:

In addition, the digital watches the Romans were wearing displayed Ararbic numberals not Roman numerals. What’s up with that? :confused:

Curwin, here’s one…

In Treasure of the Sierra Madre, the leader of band of Mexican bandits claiming to be the federales says, “We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you a stinking badge!” When, in fact, Mexican regulations require that all officers of the law carry badges.

and another…

In the balcony scenes in Superman where Lois asks Superman what color panties she is wearing, he replies that he cannot tell because he cannot see through the lead planter. He later says, “Pink” in response to the question. Lois was really wearing white cotton panties that said “Friday” (even though it was actually a Tuesday).

In Ran, Kurosawa’s rendition of King Lear, Lord Hidetora divided his land among his three sons. King Lear had three daughters.

To Kill a Mockingbird does not show viewers how to kill a mockingbird. In fact, it doesn’t show how to kill any birds.

Several times throughout “Blade Runner”, we see Gaff pick up a small scrap of paper and begin to manipulate it with his hands. Then, after the camera cuts away for a moment, he is shown holding only a tightly folded sculpture resembling an animal.

In Blazing Saddles, Sheriff Bart (played by Cleavon Little, who is black) is seen wearing a KKK uniform. However, the Klan has never allowed non-whites as members.

In Fight Club, a brief flash of what is apparently a pornographic film was mistakenly edited into the movie.

In Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Butch and Sundance survive a long fall into a river canyon, despite Butch’s belief that the fall should have killed them.

In Harold & Maude, Harold is seen to die at the very beginning of the movie. In later scenes, however, he appears to have made a full recovery.

The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing actually had no interest in cats at all. He preferred dogs, and has never seen an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

In The Jerk, Navin states that he is black. It is very clear that Navin is, in fact, white.