Movie "Gracie" - did anyone see this?

The movie “Gracie,” starring Elizabeth Shue and Carly Shroeder and based on real events from the Shue family’s life, seems to have been pulled from theatres. :frowning: It premiered on June 1st, just two weeks ago, and I had wanted to see it, but wasn’t able to make time for it in my schedule until this weekend. When I went to look for it at the movie theatre, though, I couldn’t find it playing anywhere! I even did a search of the Washington metro area theatres and did find it playing - at one theatre in Fairfax VA.

Does anyone know what happened to this movie? Has anyone here had a chance to see it? It was promoted in the print ads as similar to “Bend it like Beckham,” and I watched the trailer for it and it looked good to me. Gah, seems to me that it wasn’t out there long enough to get people in to see it; do they really take movies out of circulation after less than two weeks if they’re not doing well?

If it is playing in Fairfax it has not been pulled from circulation.

It played in Chicago for a few weeks but it’s gone now. I enjoyed it though it was your standard boilerplate “_____ Overcomes _____ To Play _____” sports movie (in this case “Girl Overcomes Being A Girl To Play On The Boy’s Soccer Team”). I don’t know about “based” on real events but “inspired by” is certainly true. It’s very loosely inspired by events in the life of the actress Elizabeth Shue (who plays the mom in this movie) because Shue played on the boys soccer team from the age of 9 to 12, but her brother didn’t die until after they were both grown-ups.

Carly Shroeder is go good in this, a very interesting actress, and someone that I’ll be keeping an eye on from now on.

This is one of those movies that you’d think young girls would really be inspired by, but maybe girls in sports, and especially the popularity of soccer, is so taken for granted now that the movie seems quaint. I don’t know. I wish it had fared better.

Thanks for the responses. I guess I missed it, unfortunately. Yes, Carly Shroeder is a pretty fine young actress and we should keep an eye out for her work, because it will be good. :slight_smile: (Having watched her “grow up” on General Hospital and Port Charles - my “unbiased” opinion. ;))

These are the sorts of movies I really do enjoy watching and there just aren’t that many of them any more. Guess I fall -well- out of the targeted group that movie execs look for. Fortunately, I can finally get Turner Classic Movies on my cable and have been enjoying many a movie shown on TCM - yes, even the old “Lassie” flicks.

If you haven’t seen her in Mean Creek, check it out. She (and most of the cast) is stupendous.