'movie' is not in Firefox's dictionary.

And in other news… Paint dries eventually.

It is in mine, and I didn’t add it.


It’s in mine, too.

Movie’s in mine. Wikipedia isn’t.

It’s because you’re using the UK version, and the Brits no-doubt have some weird made-up word for movie, like flicky-pudding or picturetiddles or something.

It’s in mine, and I use the AU dictionary.

I’m sorry, but the above was the funniest thing i’ve read all week.

Seconded. :smiley:

Thirded. “Flicky-pudding!” snort

I was typing up a reply to this when I discovered that gullible is not in there, either.

'fraid not.

People do use ‘flick’ and ‘film’ and some people might even use ‘big moving pictures’ but I think ‘movie’ is the norm.

I’m going to start a petition to have us start using ‘picturetiddles’

In similar news, dialogue is in neither Google Chrome nor OpenOffice’s dictionaries, though it is in Firefox’s.