Movie Mr.Right (Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick

Has anyone seen this film? Evidently it was released a year ago (April 2015).
I watched in on Amazom last night, and I really liked it. Anna Kendrick is adorable (as always) in it, and Sam Rockwell plays his usual quirky self as a hit man gone good.

I’m guessing it didn’t do well in the theaters; but I thought it was a good enough movie to watch it in the day, tell my wife about it, then watch it again so she could see it too.

Actually, I saw it in the theater yesterday–though it was a limited release (only one screen in the entire SF Bay Area).

First of all, I love Kendrick & Rockwell in just about everything, and they’re very charming together. They are the reason I went to see the film (since the RT score was not encouraging).

But I’m tired of the whole Hit Man with a Heart of Gold meme. There have been a zillion in the last two decades and this didn’t distinguish itself in any meaningful way. I also thought the knife-throwing scene was ridiculous and transparent foreshadowing for the end of the film (which diminished Krendrick’s character in my eyes). And while I thought it was better than American Ultra, I didn’t like

the similar way they wrapped up the story, where becoming a team of mercenary killers is supposed to be a “happy ending”.

Oh, one other thing–I thought this would’ve been a perfect opportunity to have the gender roles reversed with the same actors. Kendrick is always playing cute/hot/adorable and Rockwell is always playing off-kilter/strange/kooky. Now, if she had played his role and he, hers–that would’ve been going against type for both of them and brought a little bit of freshness to the table (kind-of a RomCom La Femme Nikita or The Long Kiss Goodnight).

Both BoxOfficeMojo and IMDb say it was release three days ago: April 8, 2016, though the movie was finished last year. I guess it had to go through the festival circuit in order to find a distributor, which is why it was only release this weekend.

BoxOfficeMojo says it was only released in 35 theaters, and made $25 thousand. Ouch. That’s not even a good per-theater average.

Yes, I was there on a Sunday matinee opening weekend and there were 3 of us total in the audience. And like I said–this was the only theater playing it in one of the biggest markets in the US.

Saw this on PPV. Yes, a common plot, but really fun and well done. They were both adorable and the violence was more cartoony than strident.

I suspect this movie will grow in popularity, especially as Ms. Kendrick continues to execute her plans for world domination. She and Emma Stone, who had an early lead, but got waylaid by that Cameron Crowe movie.

Does anyone remember what Kendrick said after the bad guy hit her in the face when she was tied up in the chair? I remember thinking it was a good comeback, but now I can’t remember what she said.