Movie Nazis


The Beast. Although technically about German tankers and not necessarily Nazis, it’s a damned good flick.

Maybe not the greatest, but the recent “Valkyrie” was actually pretty good in terms of depicting the “anti-Hitler” Nazis.

Not sure if WWI Germans would count, but if so there’s “King of Hearts”

Fantasy Mission Force

It’s billed as a Jackie Chan movie, but really, he’s not the main character. That shouldn’t stop you from seeing this great movie, though. Really, it’s great. Oh, and the Nazis in this movie drive 70’s muscle cars.

I think your getting your staple movie villains confused. The Beast was about communist Russians in Afghanistan.

Are you thinking about this movie? If so, it’s about Russian tankers in Afghanistan.

How could you forget Swing Kids?

Um, alcohol, meditation, self hypnosis–but mostly denial.

Although not to the same degree as Valkyrie, The Night of the Generals also touches on the Von Stauffenberg Plot.

Two movies starring James Mason as Rommel: The Desert Fox and The Desert Rats.

(Oops, I see The Desert Fox has already been mentioned.)

I don’t think anyone’s mentioned The Dirty Dozen yet.

Judgment at Nuremburg


If you’re including The Dambusters then you must include 633 Squadron.

And although it was made for TV, I would also suggest Fatherland

Also from TV Escape From Sobibor.

I know it was mentioned earlier but Lissener left this off of his list. Stalag 17 had one of the best movie Nazi moments when Otto Preminger put on his boots to talk to the general on the phone. Great scene. It also needs to be included as a counter to Hogan’s Heroes. In both Stalag 17 and HH SGT Schultz says the line “I know nothing”. In Stalag 17 it is evil, in Hogan’s Heroes he is a buffoon.

Are we including cartoons? Warner Brothers’ “The Ducktators,” among others.

Europa, Europa
The Tin Drum
They Saved Hitler’s Brain
A Midnight Clear (although now that I think about it they may have even pointed out that they weren’t Nazis)

I thought Bloodrayne fought Nazis but I neither know nor want to find out if it’s in the movie.

Hogan’s Heroes.

Tinto Brass’s Salon Kitty.

Soldier of OrangeIt has resistance fighters, Nazi collaborators, torture by the Gestapo and nekkid boobs.
the asaultIn January 1945, during the 2nd world-war, the Dutch resistance kills a collaborator in the street where the 12 year old Anton Steenwijk lives

First and third Indiana Jones.

Uprising , a made-for-TV movie about the Warsaw ghetto uprising.
Hitler’s SS : portrait of evil, another made-for-TV movie about the story of the Third Reich,

Eye of the Needle
The Counterfeiters
Sophie Scholl - The Last Day
Mother Night
I don’t think you can get Fritz Lang’s Man Hunt on DVD but it’s a beaut.
Peripherally Taking Sides. Vaguely Nazi and Harvey Keitel
The Pianist