Movie Nazis

OK, so we know that Nazis are the best thing that ever happened to movies, with gratuitous nudity a close second.

(Oh, by the way: Nazi zombies anyone?)

So this month’s feature section is gonna be movies with Nazis. I have some easy ones (Sound of Music, Raiders, Schindler’s Whatever, etc.) and a few outliers (The Occult History of the Third Reich, Hangmen Also Die, Triumph of the Will). Throwing the floor open for suggestions of movies that MUST be included in such a section.

Thanks as always, Dopers. I thank you, and Steven Spielberg thanks you.

Where Eagles Dare.

Das Boot.

The Bunker

Der Untergang…as seen in all those mash-ups…

Don’t forget Surf Nazis Must Die. It’s a classic!

The Blues Brothers. I still hate Illinois Nazis.

The Eagle has landed

Downfall, * Stalag 17*, Casablanca, The Odessa File, The English Patient (don’t hurt me)

The Producers and History of the World Part 1.

ETA: …ooh! And Ilsa - She-Wolf of the SS and Love Camp 7!

Keep em coming, I have most of those already but I still feel like there’s a lot I overlooked.

**The Guns of Navarone

The Great Escape

Operation Crossbolt

Force Ten from Navarone

Kelly’s Heros

The Wooden Horse

The Colditz Story

The Birdmen** (TV movie)


Hitler: The Last Ten Days



Make reference to the Youtube parodies of Das Untergang. They’re sufficiently spun off the original that they’re a cultural force of their own.

What, no love for Hellboy?

Trying to think of some that aren’t just WWII films…(though bizarrely I see no one has mentioned Indiana Jones yet).

**Apt Pupil

The Boys from Brazil


Seven Years in Tibet

American History X

The Great Dictator

Godwin, the unauthorized biography** (though the nazi’s only show up at the very end.)

FYI, here’s what I have so far (numbered only for count, not ranking):
[li]Army of Shadows[/li][li]Battle of Britain, The[/li][li]Black Book[/li][li]Black Ops[/li][li]Bunker, The[/li][li]Carve Her Name with Pride[/li][li]Cross of Iron[/li][li]Dam Busters, THe[/li][li]Das Boot[/li][li]Desert Fox, The[/li][li]Downfall[/li][li]Germany Year Zero[/li][li]Great Dictator, The[/li][li]Great Escape, The[/li][li]Hangmen Also Die[/li][li]Hope and Glory[/li][li]Inglorious Bastards[/li][li]Is Paris Burning?[/li][li]Longest Day, The[/li][li]Mrs. Miniver[/li][li]Occult History of the Third Reich, The[/li][li]Raiders of the Lost Ark[/li][li]Schindler’s List[/li][li]Soldier of Fortune[/li][li]Sorrow and the Pity, The[/li][li]Sound of Music, The[/li][li]To Be or Not to Bee[/li][li]Train, The[/li][li]Triumph of the Will[/li][li]Went the Day Well?[/li][/ol]

Cross of Iron.

A Bridge Too Far.

Band of Brothers.

Dang, yeah, all good. (No AMX, though; doing Nazis, not NeoNazis. For this display, at any rate.)

Great additions to my list all, how could I forget Cabaret?

I see you haven’t added Enemy at the Gates yet…if you do have any thoughts to add that, consider the German film Stalingrad instead.