Why can't I get enough of these Hitler rants?

This one involves the balloon boy hoax.


Loved the Michael Jackson one, loved the Superbowl one. Who knew that Hitler could be funny?

I agree, I could watch them all day. My favorite is his reaction to the recent Star Trek movie. It gets an extra plus because they work in the name Stalin when his name is mentioned.

Yes, I love them, too. Especially the one about Grand Theft Auto for the PC. :slight_smile:

I feel bad for people who speak German - they probably can’t enjoy these rants. :frowning:

They sure are Nazilicious, aren’t they?

I’m for one am glad I saw the movie before this meme got started. Don’t know if I could have taken the movie seriously afterwards.

I think my favorite one is him ranting about grammar secret police.

Hey, that’s funny. “An authoritarian regime or something…”

I love them too. I work at a tech company and the agile hitler was a big hit.

There are several like that. Is this the one you mean? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_fmjfhU7B4

This is the first one I ever saw, and it’s still the Gold Standard in my eyes.

I was gonna post that one. Cracked me the hell up. Still does.

I can’t watch any links because YouTube is blocked, but I laughed hysterically at the Left 4 Dead rant and the “someone keeps making me say things in YouTube videos and taking all the good ideas” rant.

Jeez…I was gonna start a thread on these the other day,right after I watched balloon boy rant.They are great.
What is the original scene from ?Which rant was first?First one I remember watching is about the Dallas Cowboys.

Love the line in the Hillary one…“those fat fucks are waddling over to that dandy Obama like he is the 2nd coming of Jimi Hendrix.”

Because it’s… well, because it’s Hitler. Hitler is always funny.

Also, it’s one of the best scenes ever filmed, with actor Bruno Ganz doing a masterful work. Even without subtitles it’s mesmerizing stuf that bears repeated watching.

That’s a good one too, but this is the one I was talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9i9N-Ez5Y8&NR=1

“Hitler Plans Burning Man Trip” is not bad, either.

Anyone got a link to the original, with the original subtitles?

I think I was at that meeting. I recognize the expressions when they tell Hitler they removed the tests from the build “because they were failing”.




Oooo, that’s even better! Thanks.

I still love the Hillary one:

“What other working class photo-ops do they expect me to do? Take a shit in a fucking outhouse?!”