I don't get this joke about Hitler

I was watching To Be Or Not To Be yesterday and they had a joke about Hitler.

If they named a brandy after Napoleon and a herring after Bismarck, what’s Hitler going to be?
A piece of cheese.

I don’t get it. Is it supposed to be saying Hitler’s a rat? Or that he’s cheesy?

From the context in the movie, it’s clear that the joke is insulting to Hitler.

A rat.

I love that movie. Assuming it’s the Carole Lombard version.

That’s the one I was watching. But I like the Mel Brooks remake too.

If that’s all there is to the joke, it’s a really weak payoff.

Well, back then, it was really boffo!

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How about this one then: Where did Hitler keep his armies?

In his sleevies.

Hitler’s favorite joke:





Don’t overanalyze. What they’re basically saying is that if they named anything after Hitler, it would be something unimpressive.

Cheese is no big deal (and is it ever “named after anybody”?), and in most cases, it stinks, more than anything else (think Limburger, Gorgonzola, etc.).

As opposed to the sweet smell of herring?

I agree, the joke doesn’t make any sense. Cheese seems as fancy as herring, and only a little less so then brandy. And while rats eat cheese, do animals associated with Napoleon drink brandy?

Yeah, that joke is lame. Sorry for fans of the film (I haven’t seen it, FWIW).

Minor hijack: Holy Shee…I finally got the Blazing Saddles line “Is Bismarck a hewwing?” :smack:

How does Hitler tie his shoesies?

In little Nazis.

Well, it takes place in Nazi-occupied Poland. I’d imagine someone making a joke about Hitler would end up with a knock on the door in the middle of the night. The joke itself might be lame, but even a veiled insult of Hitler would have been the highest order of political defiance.

Wouldn’t, like, trying to kill Hitler be the highest order of political defiance?

But anyhoo, if I’m going to get gassed to death for a joke, I’d try and make sure it was at least a funny one.

What’s in Hitler’s nose?

Is the joke a reference to wartime rationing and privation? People were eating cheese where before they had been eating meat.

Or, they’re saying Nappy was a drunk, Bizzy was fat, and Hitzy is a rat fink?

Bismark got a little plump in his old age, but he wasn’t really remarkably fat even then, and I don’t know of any story or tradition of Napoleon being a drunk, he was famous for his crazy work-ethic and conquering Europe, which doesn’t really seem like something you could do why sloshed.

My favorite Hitler joke: Why didn’t Hitler drink whiskey?

It made him mean.