Movie night out for my daughter and her friends

My daughter wants to celebrate her birthday this year by taking a few of her friends out for dinner and a movie. This will be around the weekend of December 16th.

How can I find out what films will be out at that time?

Any recommendations of films that are coming out the week before Christmas? Must be appropriate for 11 year old (give or take a year) girls.

Here you go. Dollars to donuts, you’ll be seeing Eregon! lists movie release dates. You don’t say where you live so I don’t know if the Limited releases will do you any good.

The Nativity Story opens December 1. I’m an atheist but I’ll probably see it just to see how Keisha Castle-Hughes is getting along, acting-wise. It’s her first big movie since Whale Rider. (Well, she was in Star Wars III, but that hardly counts since she only had to look exotic).

I have zero knowledge of the Dreamgirls plot, so I don’t know if it’s appropriate. I’ve seen the trailer and it looks good, but I have no idea if there’s sex and bad language in it. Well, I guess there is, since it’s rated PG-13. It only opens in NY and LA on the 15th anyway.

Eragon looks to be a dragon movie, but I don’t know if there’s a lot of scary violence in it. There’s no rating available.

The Pursuit of Happyness ( :rolleyes: for spelling) might be ok, but it might be boring for 11 year old girls.

They might get some giggles out of Unaccompanied Minors but oh my god it looks truly wretched. Nasty kids being nasty. I could be surprised. Stranger things have happened.
That’s about it, unless you’re in NY or LA (I hate hate HATE “Limited releases”). I don’t think they’ll be interested in Blood Diamond or Apocalypto.

Charlotte’s Web doesn’t open until the 20th. Man that looks creepy. I loved the book when I was a kid, but I thought the movie would be animated. I saw a preview and about jumped out of my skin at the look of Charlotte. Scary scary scary! Step on it!

Night at the Museum doesn’t open until the 20th either. That could be amusing.

It seems like a grim holiday season for movies. Last year there were so many great movies opening between Thanksgiving and New Year. This year, forget it. There are some good movies in “Limited” release (grrr) but otherwise, deadsville.

You might have to stay home and rent a movie.

Nothing looks very promising. Might be pizza and DVDs at the house. She runs hot and cold on Sci Fi/Fantasy stuff, so the dragon movie could work, but depends on her mood. I’d bet against the nativity film. There is an intriguing Luc Besson film emerging about that time, but I don’t see that it will be in our area (Tampa).

This week’s Entertainment Weekly is the winter movie preview issue – with a center foldout of what’s being released when.

I realize that paper and ink is a very old-fashioned way of presenting material…

I shall endeavour to steal a copy from a doctor’s waiting room.

Just curious, what did you go see, if anything?