Movie or film character that reminds you of your own life?

Or even scenarios.

Sir Galahad at the Castle Anthrax. I just know that if I were lucky enough to find myself in that situation, somebody would barge in and ruin it for me. :mad:

Forrest Gump. I grew up in the South and I still stumble into improbable scenarios that make me sound insane if I tell them to other people.

I’d love to read them!

Egbert Sousé.

Dazed and Confused.

Except for two things, that movie was so exactly my HS experience that a classmate of mine and me “named” all the characters with our fellow students, and agreed!

The two exceptions were, not everyone was a pot smoker, and the whole paddlin’ thing was just out there.

The Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne’s World
That is exactly how into songs my 2 friends and I get while driving.

I have a TV show that makes me think of my childhood - The Kids Are Alright.

The intro is so perfect - it shows kids wildly riding their banana seat bikes around the neighborhood without helmets, playing around a fire, jumping from roofs, etc. The narrator says something to the effect of - I turned 12 in 1972, a great time to be a kid. Bike helmets hadn’t been invented and neither had basic adult supervision.

The clothing, the home decor, the Hi-C juice in a can!, pop cans with the pull tabs, even how the Jerry Lewis Telethon was a not to be missed show. I wouldn’t be able to sit through 15 minutes of it now. We were always at our cabin on Labor Day weekend for the last big hurrah for summer. Kids from around the lake would go door to door asking for MDA donations. We would be huddled around the 10" black and white TV in the cabin watching the telethon. :confused:

It was a great time to be a kid!

Deliverance was filmed 15 miles from my hometown. I never had to squeal like a pig though.

Not a movie character but a TV one. Arthur Dietrich from Barney Miller pretty much nailed me in style and outlook.