Movie Plot Question: Your Chance to Be a Hero

I just subscribed to this thread - it’s great. I am posting because I am looking for the name of romantic movie (from sometime in the last 15 years). The description below includes a spoiler.

I think it’s an American movie with one of the leads being English but it might be an English movie. It’s about a single guy whose best friend is getting married to a beautiful blond girl and everyone thinks the friend hates the girl because he’s mean to her. But he hires her favorite (big star) male singer (someone like Seal?) to sing at the wedding, and he does the videography at the wedding and reception. But then he stalls on giving them the film, saying that he’s still editing. At the end of the movie, the girl walks in on him watching the wedding video, and it’s almost entirely of her. She realizes that he doesn’t hate her but has been distant and because he’s in love with her and didn’t want to mess things up for his friend.

Anyway, if anyone’s seen it and knows the name or can give me some clues to figure it out, that would be great. Thank you!!!

Love Actually

Thank you so, so much!