Movie: Princess Diana by Naomi Watts

I just started watching this movie.

I have loved Naomi Watts ever since I saw her in King Kong.

I haven’t watched much of this film yet, but there was one line that I just had to share with you all.

After she separated from the Prince, Diana was entertaining a gentleman in the palace (presumably it was Dodi) and he says to her, “Is there any more wine? Or have we run out”?

She looks at him and answers, “This is a palace. We don’t run out.”

That cracked me up. Naomi always seems to find a way to deliver the goods. I know that she didn’t write that line. But there was just something in the way she delivered it that I found really funny.

P.S. I searched for “Diana” before starting this thread. I didn’t want to duplicate any threads that discussed this film. I have a feeling that I’m going to really enjoy this movie.

Well, that was sure disappointing. It started out good. But is quickly became very dull and very boring. I’m sorry that I started this thread and I just hope that I did not cause many people to waste their time watching this turkey.

I also hope this movie will not do anything terrible to Naomi’s career.