Movie scene - hurdler practicing w/martini glasses on hurdles - which movie???

It’s probably from sometime in the 1980’s & most likely featured young 'n pretty boys from that era. All I can remember is when he was jumping hurdles as he ran across his lawn & someone had put martini glasses on the hurdles (full, natch).

Anybody remember? Not at all sure why I care, but it’s been bugging me.

Chariots of Fire.

I don’t think so, but I do own the movie so I’ll take a look again once I get it back from the person who borrowed it. I rather thought the scene I recall was one of those knock-off movies that people made in hopes of cashing in on Chariots’ success.

But perhaps I’m mistaken.

A second vote for Chariots of Fire.

There might have also been a scene like this in Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty…can’t remember for sure on that one.

Chariots of Fire. It was champagne glasses.

It was Lord Lindsay in Chariots of Fire. The character was based on David Cecil (1909-1981), 6th Marquess of Exeter, who won the Olympic gold medal in 1928 and silver medal in 1932 for the hurdles. In reality Cecil balanced matchboxes on top of the hurdles instead of champagne glasses.

Chariots of Fire. No doubt.

ONe of my favorite movies that I don’t own.

Thanks so much for the clarification (and for pointing out yet another case of mistaken memory on my part - this is getting depressing!). :slight_smile: