Movie stereotype - Man & woman argue then they start making out - Ever happen IRL?

You know the movie/TV stereotype. Man and woman *who have never been together romantically before * argue loudly, slowly getting closer, then suddenly there’s a pause, they look into each other’s eyes and start making out like chimps in heat.

I’m assuming violent argument = sexual tension in these setups, but I can’t recall a load, nasty argument with a women ever turning me (or her) on. Does this ever happened in real life?

Sweetie, don’t you remember the time …

Oh wait, that wasn’t you. Never mind. :wink:

Yep. I’ve seen it.

Couple at a fraternity party in the mid nineties. Friend of mine. Big drinker, big personality type of guy. Charismatic. And a woman. A loud, outgoing chick. Both are drunk and fired up big time.

They are yelling at eachother about some nonsense. It’s loud and funny. They are hamming it up for the crowd watching. In the middle of the argument, he just blurts out something along the lines of wanting her, and they start passionately making out.

It’s a fond college memory.

I was just going to ask about a very similar one: the “Oh Hell” swoop and face grab, imprisoning the woman’s head so she can’t help but receive the oncoming smooch. Aren’t things usually more mutual than that?

This one I’ve had happen to me, so yes, it does happen sometimes.

I’ve never had the “I hate you!” “No - I hate YOU!” “Lets snog!” thing though. I always assumed that would require a lot more alcohol than I’m capable of drinking.

I’ve done it. We even ended up going out for a while. I used to get off on such relationships–the whole “battle of the sexes” thing. Fortunately, for me and everyone around me, I’ve mellowed with age.

I saw this on Frasier (the woman was Mercedes Ruehl)…

I’ve done it. I started arguing with this lady I met at a party once.

Actually, it wasn’t arguing. It was her berating me and me saying whatever I could to placate her. (I can’t remember what we were arguing about.)

I wound up giving this lady a ride home from the party. The whole way home she’s still vehemently on my case. I pull up in front of her house and politely say “Good Bye”

She then jumps on my case because I didn’t offer to walk her to the door. (All of twenty feet away)

To which I respond with: :rolleyes: “OK. fine.”

So I walk her up to the door and then again say “Good bye” then I start to walk away. SHE then grabs me by the arm and says “Are you gonna make your move on me or not?!!”

Let me tell ya’. This took me COMPLETELY by surprise. I didn’t question it tho’ I just went for the gold.

I think that may have been the only thing I did right that night because after that, she turned into quite the little kitten.