Movie storage drive?

I’m sick of the piles of DVDs in my house. I’d like to have a drive on to which I can load all 300+ of them, and then use a remote control to scroll through the movies (with pictures of some sort so my 4 year old can choose her movies), select them and then have them play on my regular TV.

Does this type of thing exist?


No. You have to deal with Digital Rights Management, and the consumer loses on that. I won’t dwell on that. A DVD is going to be up to 9G in size. 9G times 300 is 2.7 Terabytes of hard disk space. You’d have to run a compression program and settle for lesser quality to get all that on a hard drive.

Sure, you can do this.
I’m not going to get into the legality of this, except to say “who’s going to care?”
You can “rip” a DVD to an H.264 compressed stream. A typical DVD will compress to well under 4 Gig’s. You might be able to put all 300 on a 1 TB drive.
Then you can use Front Row and Apple TV to display on your TV.
(I would do this on a dedicated Mac Mini.)

I think I’ve got over 200 movies ripped to my MythTV backend. Of course, each and every movie I have is not copy protected, meaning that there’s no DMCA violations here. No, siree. They’re all ripped to MP4 which is acceptable, even on the big screen. I intentionally cut out all the crap like previews, menus, commentaries, etc. I also have them on a RAID’d drive, just in case. For the front end (the TV-half), I used hacked Xboxes. No HD off those, but I’ve been considering running MythTV on an Apple TV when I have the cash to throw away and risk.

I have a dedicated media center PC in my living room. With a large hard drive and some sort of dedicated PC this can be done easily. FWIW mine are converted to WMA format and compressed down to about 2-3gb each, and they look great.

Why not invest in a DVD Mega-Jukebox? I found a Sony model on Amazon with a 400 disc capacity for about $300. Load all your discs and fuhgeddaboudit.

I can give one answer, Max: double-sided disks. TV shows on DVD are especially prone to this abomination.

They are? I haven’t seen a double-sided disc in ages. I do have some older discs that are double sided, but I’ve heard that it’s more expensive these days to make double-sided discs than to just make two discs, so most companies are just putting everything on two or more single-sided discs.

I have a multimedia player which is like a giant MP3 player with a 250G hard disk. I could have bought it with a 500G disk. It has all my music, TV and movies on it and I only have to plug it into the appropriate sound/video source to play stuff. Since the average movie is about 700M when converted to DivX I could carry over 350 around with me.

It only cost $200 with the HD.

Oh and while you can scan through thumbnails of running video on a MultimediaPlayer it is pretty hard to manage after a dozen files or so. I use a an nice orderly folder system and skip the images.