movie surprises

The N.Y. Times published “movie surprises”, plot twists you would not tell someone who had not, but intended to, see the film. There were 60 of them and I got all but the following and they are driving me crazy!
Ones I am not sure of:
He stops running just before the finish line and smirks. (Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner?)
The person you think did it, did it. (Witness for the Pros.)
He wasn’t really dead. (Ten Little Indians?)
They never left Planet Earth. (Capricorn One?)
The Mob gets him. (Anything other than Frankenstein?)
She shoots him on the balcony. (Sorry, Wrong Number?)
Ones I don’t know at all:
She pushes the nun over the cliff.
He flies away in a hot air balloon.
It was all a dream. (The last two can’t BOTH be Wizard Oz.)

You might find the answers you’re looking for in this thread.

I would wager a guess that the one where “They never left Planet Earth” would be Planet of the Apes.

“He wasn’t really dead” could also be Deathtrap starring Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve.

And with “the Mob gets him” - with Mob being capitalized, I’m thinking along the lines of Mafia films, but I can’t come up with anything concrete.

> She shoots him on the balcony.

Last Tango in Paris

> The Mob gets him.

Given that “Mob” is capitalized, I presume this means a criminal mob. This fits several films about criminals.

> She pushes the nun over the cliff.

Possibly Black Narcissus, although I can’t be sure since I haven’t seen it.

Crunchy Frog, one gets you ten that “He wasn’t really dead.” is referring to Harry Lime in The Third Man and not to Deathtrap.

dave99 - never saw The Third Man. Guess I don’t need to now. :wink:

Wendell Wagner - I’m slapping myself in the forhead for forgetting the end to Last Tango in Paris.

Actually, I’d suggest “He wasn’t really dead” could also apply to the Clouzot classic Diabolique. Kind of a vague spoiler, in my opinion. Shame on the Times. :slight_smile:

But, after we find out he’s alive, he gives the Cuckoo-Clock Speech!

Can any body answer these? I didn’t put them on to start a spoiler craze! I put them on to get the answers!