Movie theater manager finds way to make Iron Man 3 exciting...

…by having fake gunmen storm the screening

Total Michael Scott management.

Guy is really lucky nobody in the audience was carrying…

[Trump] Yah fyahd! [/Trump]

Hah I saw that headline earlier today under some association with the Onion and thought of it as a perfectly normal Onion joke headline.

Now I see it really happened. Wwwwwow.

There was a reverse of this in the web comic Multiplex. The staff of the movie theater in this comic often play elaborate practical jokes on each other. So one time when the place was being robbed, the guy at the cash register refused to believe it was a real robbery. He kept treating it like a joke until the robbers gave up and left.

I’m so glad nobody had a gun.

I can just imagine the staff meeting…

Boss: ‘You know what this action blockbuster lacks? Excitement.’

Lackey 1: ‘Yeah. We need a gimmick.’

Lackey 2: ‘How about we have guys in body-armour with guns storm in?’

Boss: ‘Great idea!’

Lackey 3: ‘Uh, guys? Remember last year? Aurora, Colorado? The Dark Knight Rises?’

Boss: ‘Those aren’t real words, Dave. So, about those guns…’

I’m surprised the employees went along with this idea. If it were me, I’d have been more than a little worried about the possibility of one of the audience members having a gun and deciding they needed to defend themselves from me.

Wow. Lack of brains.

Yeah, too bad it’s not a blockbuster hit, much-anticipated, record-breaking (well, bending) sequel to a successful franchise.

Tracing the OP’s linked article back to the article it links to reveals this gem of understatement:

Huh, I thought movie theater margins were narrow enough they couldn’t afford to do this kind of promotions?

Meanwhile, the people watching Scary Movie V in the next theater over were wishing somebody would come in and shoot them.

Guess they better raise ticket prices some more!

Im not so glad no one had a gun in the Aurora audience.

Someone did have a gun in the Aurora audience. A whole bunch of them, in fact, plus other weapons.