Movie Title Letter Change Game

This is not an original idea. I swiped it from an old book. The idea is simple:

  1. Change ONE LETTER in a movie title to produce a new one
  2. (optional) Identify the new cast
  3. Identify the setting and period
  4. Give a brief synopsis of the new plot
  5. Try not to use the exact new title as someone else has used, but changing ANOTHER letter in the same original title is okay
  6. Try to have at least one feature in common with the original as in setting, theme, character(s), period, etc.

Since they’re so quick to produce sequels, prequels, slightly altered plots, and even reuse the same cast in something that’s a spinoff, why not just give the titles a retread?

Example 1:

Gone With the Wine

James Woods, Marlee Matlin, Chill Wills, Zasu Pitts, Pee Wee Herman, Jesse Jackson, Victor Mature

Turn of the century California

An old Italian immigrant (Chill Wills) fears loss of the family’s vineyard in the upcoming Mexican uprising by Pancho Villa (James Woods). He instucts his opera singing daughter Valsetta (Marlee Matlin) to keep the old place at all costs. She enlists the help of her slave Philadelphius Neames (Jesse Jackson) and the straw boss Garner Ted Leech (Pee Wee Herman) to organize the itinerant farmers into a guerrilla troop that can help to hold off the approaching army. Valsetta’s younger sister Melissa (Zasu Pitts) is pregnant with her father’s child and they discover water on the property that has an oily smell. Unfortunately, wealthy cattle baron Lorne Brown (Victor Mature) needs the vineyard’s land for expanding his new-fangled idea of a shopping mall, and attempts to sidetrack the itinerant farmers to help with the paving.

Excample 2:


Antonio Banderas, Kim Novak, Chubby Checker, Geraldo Rivera, Doris Day, Jon Stewart

Pre-WWII Cuba

Jose Raul Capablanca (Antonio Banderas) owns a combination coffee shop/chess club in Havana. His old girlfriend Elsa (Kim Novak) and her new lover Vincent LaRue (Geraldo Rivera) are in town to open a new casino. Chief Inspector Louis B. Minor (Chubby Checker) and his assistant Virgil (Jon Stewart) are trying to uncover the syndicate connection between Capablanca’s operation and that of the nearby bordello owned my the madam Cloretta von Sweet (Doris Day). Plot thickens quickly as war breaks out.

This is the ultimate zombie thread as far as mine go. It may be the very first one I started. It had zero replies. Will it work today? I had to see.

In honor of digging up an old, neglected thread:
Forrest Bump. A continuation of the story, in which Forrest’s connections through his early stock in Apple send him an internet ready computer, with a blazing fast 1200 baud modem. Quickly, Forrest gets addicted to BBS, and stubbornly refuses to let any thread he begins die. :wink:

How about My Fair Lads, a combination of two prior films, in which Rex Harrison’s Prof. Higgins wagers that he can turn the lot of youthful pickpockets led by the Artful Dodger into a group of young gentlemen. Musical numbers abound.

Or Star Cars, Pixar’s fanciful sendup of George Lucas’ epic space opera.

Smither – Montgomery Burns’ sycophantic aide is realy an alien creature trying to take over the world.
The Grunge Sarah Michelle Gellar and Bill Pullman are the Westerners pulled into a Japanese horror film in which a family tries to become a Pacific Northwest-style band. But it takes more than whiteface, wild hair, and making inhuman noises.
Pyrites of the Caribbean – Captain Jack Sparrow hunts for treasure, but it’s Fool’s Gold

Sim City – It’s murder, mayhem, Shooting, Castrations, cartoony violence, and YOU get to program it!

Nice work! Who says you can’t keep a great idea down? :smiley:

Fanny Hall
“Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure – La di dah, La di dah.”

Dial M for Mulder: the sequel to the X-Files movie.

X: A pronographic superantihero takes on the fascist government in 21st century Britain.

Duck Stop: Zeppo Marx tries to get his girl to come home to Idaho, aided and hindered by Rufus T Firely, Sr Chiccolini and his harp-playing sidekick. MArgaret DuMoint guest stars as Grace.

Clarks - Clark Gable plays Clark Kent, eating a Clark Bar, in a convenience store in Clark County OH.

Superham–The lead actor’s performance is not kosher.

Who Framed Roger’s Rabbi – Was it a hate crime? Or someeone who had a really hard time in classes?

The Bridget of Madison County How will our favorite plump Londoner fare in middle America?

King King – Due to an error in the line of descent from the throne and a scheduling conflict after the death of Elizabeth II the noted CNN talk show host has a brief stint as monarch of England. Special guest OJ Simpson explains a simple way to get out of the gig.

Onan The Barbarian was never actually made. The producers pulled out before they started shooting.

**Pocky ** – John Belushi stars in this inspiring tale of a washed-up sumo wrestler given one shot at the championship title.

Shitty Chitty Bang Bang – A crazy inventor turns a wrecked Pinto into a magical flying wonder car. It blows up during its first test drive, incinerating everyone inside. Starring Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise.

A previous thread of this type gave rise to one of my all-time favorite lines on the board:
Winnie-the-Pooh’s Homeric journey through the depression era south in:

O Bother, Where Art Thou?

Boing John Malkovich. Either John Cusack invents flubber, or it’s a horrifying porno. Or both.

That was mine. I’ve since thought of a better description:

“Winnie the Pooh plays Hide and Seek with Quakers”

Life of Brain

Follows the adventures of Autolycus after he has a plexiglass dome installed in his head and finds himself surronded by sycophantic Dopers seeking the wisdom of his new enlightenment.