Movie trailer credits - unreadable?

At the end of any movie trailer on TV, no matter how short or long, the last image is the credit screen. Why is that crammed with tiny info and unreadable?

I suppose it’s an obligation, but a bit of a joke when you can’t even read it with a video-taped pause. It bugs me because I’d often like a quick overview of the cast, and find myself in panic scan mode trying to see it.

[sub]If you can read this, you don’t need glasses[/sub]

If you’re really interested in the credits, you can go to and see them. You will find, among other gems, the fascinating fact that Anthony Goldschmidt was the title designer for the movie Spaceballs.

You can also try Corona Coming Attractions if the film’s not listed in IMDB yet. But that’s rare nowadays – they usuallly get them in pretty early.

I think that the problem is that the networks and cable stations have figured out that they can use the ‘credit roll’ as advertising space, so they shrink it to 1/2 to 1/3 of the screen and put up a promo (by contract law they HAVE to show the credits, I believe). Makes them impossible to read. If they aren’t squeezed I usually have no problem reading them.

lawoot, you’re talking about the end credits for TV shows. toonerama was talking about the credits for movie commercials on TV.

On a related issue, I once saw a television show which had the credits go by so fast and in such small print that it was literally impossible to read even a single word. Another time, I was watching the TVGuide channel, and it had a psychic hotline commercial, and since the commercial only took up a quarter of the screen, all the fine print was simply a white blob. This kind of stuff can’t be legal, can it?