Movie with actors from all Star Trek series?

Inspired somewhat by the long running Spotting Star Trek actors thread.

I’m watching a movie on TV that features actors who had leading parts in three of the six (live action) Star Trek series. *

Are there any movies that can do better than that? Rules: Actors must have leading parts in the Star Trek series, but their parts in the movie can be small.
*I’ll let you guess which movie, as an easy teaser to the main question.

Nm. I misread the rules.

Can we count *Star Trek: Generations *for giving us William Shatner from TOS, plus Jonathan Frakes from TNG, plus Michael Dorn from DS9, plus Tim Russ from VOY?

(As well as, a few months from now, Patrick Stewart from STAR TREK: PICARD?)

I messed up the rules a bit, since one of the actors in the movie I was watching was not a recurring character in a Star Trek series, but merely a major character in one episode, so please open up the rules to that extent. No “Crewman #3” types, but people who appeared in a major role in one episode will count. Sorry about that.

Actually, that’s pretty good. I forgot about Tim Russ in that movie.

Well, Animator and Re-animator starred Jeffrey Combs, who played a whole lot of roles in DS9, Enterprise and Voyager.

Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971) co-stars James Doohan (TOS, NG, a half-dozen movies, the animated series and assorted lesser media spin-offs), William Campbell (TOS, DS9) and Dawn Roddenberry (briefly in TOS). The movie’s screenplay was written by Gene Roddenberry.

Oh, well, if we count Star Trek episodes and films, there’s Trials And Tribbleations with:

  • Spock (Original pilot)
  • Checkov (TOS)
  • Kirk (TAS)
  • Worf (TNG)
  • Dax (DS9)
  • Sulu (VOY guest star)

I think we should exclude anything that’s directly Star Trek related.
After a bit of searching I found The Pagemaster, with the voices of Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart + Whoopi Goldberg, Robert Picardo and Chrisopher Lloyd. That’s stars from three series and a movie.

Best I can do is

Loaded Weapon

Shatner (TOS)
Doohan (TOS, TNG)
Charles Napier (TOS)
Whoopi Goldberg (TNG)
F Murray Abraham (TNG movie)

Oh wait…Napier was in a DS9 episode also

The Orville

Penny Johnson Jerald DS9
Robert Picardo Voyager
Jason Alexander Voyager
Tim Russ Voyager
John Billingsley Enterprise
Tony Todd TNG
Marina Sirtis TNG
F Murray Abraham TNG movie

Any movie featuring John DeLancie and Clint Howard would cover a lot of ground.

Three is good. Ties with the movie I was thinking of, “Back to School” which has

Sally Kellerman (TOS)
Terry Farrell (DS9)
Robert Picardo (VOY)

Another three-series movie

Not a movie though.

Good point.

Hell…Jeffrey Combs, Clint Howard and John DeLancie would cover all the series with plenty of overlap


One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest:

Louise Fletcher (DS9)
Brad Dourif (VOY)
Christopher Lloyd (TOS movie)
Vincente Schiavelli (TNG)

X-Men 3:

Patrick Stewart (TNG, DS9, PIC)
Rebecca Romain (DISC)
Kelsey Grammar (TNG)
Famke Jannsen (TNG)

MASH (1970) had:

Sally Kellerman (TOS)
Fred Williamson (TOS)
John Schuck (DS9, VOY, ENT, 2 TOS movies)
Rene Auberjonois (DS9, ENT, 1 TOS movie)

Four different series represented.

Very good.


Just watched the Thanksgiving classic Planes, Trains & Automobiles, which has five actors who also had ST appearances:

Larry Hankin (TNG, VGR)
William Windom (TOS)
Michael McKean (VGR)
Richard Herd (TNG, VGR)
Bill Erwin (TNG)

Three different series represented.