Movie worlds

Not sure where this will go, here or wind up in Thread Games. Just curious. If you had to pick a movie world to live in (the atmosphere of the film), what one would it be?

I choose 1955/Back To The Future

The problem is, some of the movie worlds I’d like to live in were book worlds first.

If those count I’d like to live in the Shire, if they’ll take a big person.

Hogsmeade would be a good town, but I’m a Muggle.

I think I’d go for Narnia. Humans are ok there, as long as they don’t try to think they are better than the non humans.


2001: A Space Odyssey. Or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. (Or the world where Jonny Quest lives!) High-tech wonderlands!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe…especially if I’ve got superpowers. If I’m just myself, then, um…well, it’s an interesting place to live, full of wonders, and I’d still be tempted.

Also, porno, you know, the kind where a guy delivers a pizza to a house full of girls and gets to party with them.

The film version of MASH…they were having a lot of fun and doing good at the same time.

So, without the laugh track. It seems like it’d be a fun time all things considered.

Definitely like the Marvel universe idea though too, totally didn’t think of that one = or the porno sausage pizza idea. :smack:

The Back To The Future 1955 idea is because of the innocence of it all, the 1950’s without all of the crazy bad racism stuff, except for the coffee shop owner.

Any others? I like the reasons why too.

I want to list “Murder by Death,” because it’s my favorite movie…but it doesn’t really have a “world,” just a setting for the mystery itself. Still, I’d love to be one of the famous detectives in that movie!

Back to the “world,” Jurassic Park comes to mind. Another high-tech wonderland, with some scary bits. Now, I live in San Diego, so I might well get chomped… But the idea of the world is very attractive.

Close Encounters: a world where we’ve made First Contact! Wow! We are not alone, and we can even talk to them (kinda.) Dare I hope for actual cultural exchange and trade? Or are they so alien that kidnapping and psych probing is the only way they can effect a meeting of minds? But even then: what a great new frontier for science!

(Also, interstellar flight: once we know it can be done, we have a huge boost on the path forward!)

Flight of the Navigator, for the same reason…if the kid comes forward, shows off his spaceship to humanity, and gets the Navigator AI to talk to us. I’ll bet it has a lovely tech library. Will it share? If so…YAY!

My common theme here is “techno optimism.” I want a world with higher, better, “sexier” tech than we have now – and what we have now is pretty darned impressive!

(Also, blatant comedy and some sex.)


Rush, the race-car one, not the drug dealing one.

I thought we are all already in that world. Granted, none of us are Hunt or Lauda (except Hunt and Lauda).

And not even Hunt anymore.

Porn world.

No, seriously, think about it. There’s no serious problems in porn movies. No serious crime, no serious poverty, no serious wars, no serious health problems. People all live pretty good lives. It would be a great world to live in even without the sex.

Admittedly, the ongoing great sex with highly attractive people is a bonus. Especially with no concerns over STD’s or unwanted pregnancies.

Whatever small Southern town Michael J. Fox was stuck in in Doc Hollywood. Quaint characters, no prejudice, everybody happy and friendly, great weather, etc.

The background music kinda sucks… (But so does everyone else! Whee!)

Earth, in Picard’s era.

No poverty, limitless energy, infinite resources, and Holosuites.