Movies and TV shows from alternate timelines you'd like to see

I’m sure we’ve done this one before but I couldn’t find the thread. Let’s do it again.

My entry: in an alternate timeline, Germany sucessfully invaded and occupied Britain for several years until Britain was liberated by the Americans. During the occupation, some British women in an internment/labor camp hid a downed American flyer inside the camp, and secretly refurbished a scrapped bomber that was being used to house prisoners. When the orders went out to the camps to begin exterminating their prisoners rather than let them be liberated, the women and the American flyer made their escape. After the war, an adaptation of their story was made into an Oscar-winning motion picture. Chicken Run is the claymation parody of this film; I want to see the original.

Kim Newman’s ANNO DRACULA- The Count defeats Van Helsing & company, woos & wins the hand of Queen Victoria, and establishes a reign of Vampirism throughout the British Empire. The surviving members of the Van Helsing company include Arthur Holmwood who serves in the House of Lords, Mina Harker- now a domestic at Buckingham Palace and Jack Seward who keeps a low profile working in a Whitechapel district charity hospital. Two human physicians debate on if vampirism is a manifestation of the personality’s dark side or humanity’s bestial nature- Drrs. Jeckyl and Moreau. Mycroft Holmes and Joseph Merrick are in a secret society to free England. Oh yes, vampire prostitutes in Whitechapel are being slain- the murderer wields a silver scalpel.