Movies better/worse than you remembered from childhood

Shamelessly ripped off from this thread, are there movies you saw as a kid that were worse or better than you remembered when you saw them again as an adult?
I saw Hellzapoppin’ on TV as a kid, and my mother saw it and loved it on Broadway. When I finally found it on VHS I was very nervous about it matching my fond memories. It was even better than I remembered (and without commercials.) I refused to let anyone watch it with me the first time - after that I invited people in to see the great opening in hell, and they all stayed for the whole thing.

My favorite movie as a kid - The Explorers. I watched it dozens of times back then. I watched it again a few months ago, and while I still loved most of it, the aliens just got on my nerves. I thought they were funny as a kid, but now they’re annoying.

I guess I liked Space Camp a bit better as an adult. I know it bored me when I was younger.

“The Secret of NIMH” was my favorite movie as a kid and, when I watched it last year, it was still remarkably good. I was honestly pretty proud of my old self. Great movie.

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