Movies engineers like

The best example I can think of is Apollo 13.


I’m going to guess The Martian is popular among engineers. They would identify with the “let’s break this problem down and solve it one step at a time” attitude.

The Great Train Robbery
Silver Streak
The General

I’m an engineer and I like Anchorman.

Someone here once described a genre of movies as “getting shit to work” films; those where the central conflict to be overcome is technical or mechanical rather than personal. That sounds like the sort of thing the OP might be looking for.

Flight of the Phoenix, where they build an ultralight aircraft from a much larger plane which has crashed.

Well I’m an engineer and my favourite movie is Blade Runner. I also hold Star Trek II, Blue Velvet, and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure in high regard.

Also Auto Focus, Hard Boiled, Dune, and Excalibur. Not to mention O Brother Where Art Thou, The Cheap Detective, Ed Wood, and True Stories.

It’s just a job.

This. My mother told me that the Hardy Kruger character reminded her of me.

I think that was intended as a compliment.

1865 version, of course. Not the 2004 remake.

Other possibilities:

**The Man in the White Suit

The Thing** (either version – both have engineers trying to find practical solutions to the problem

**Destination Moon

2001: A Space Odyssey


IT! The Terror from Beyond Space** (Engineering solutions abound – much more than in the horror ripoff Alien
**Robinson Crusoe on Mars

The Martians**

Now that’s some engineering!

The Right Stuff

Hidden Figures

My favorite movies are things like the Terminator, Predator, Fargo, Pulp Fiction and No Country For Old Men.

But movies that I like that contain engineering scenes are Mosquito Coast, The World’s Fastest Indian and Chain Reaction.


I’m surprised that I’m the first to mention Iron Man. In essence, Tony Stark’s superpower is that he’s the world’s greatest engineer.

He’s an inventor–I’m not sure if that should be interchangeable with engineer.

The two terms aren’t interchangeable, but they’re not mutually exclusive either. I’d say that Tony Stark is both.

Emperor Of The North

I like the Iron Man movies just fine but Stark doesn’t behave like an engineer, he is more like some sort of laws of physics -breaking technowizard. Or a spark from the Girl Genius IP.

One I like is October Sky. I like some of the more fantastical films, but especially like the few that avoid or minimize the amount of technobabble or making up shit.

One of our stress dept engineers was quite fond of No Highway In The Sky, perhaps the only movie to feature a stress engineer as the hero.

I joked once that, if they remade it, they’d go full Hollywood and cast Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Then I thought about it, and basically, that’s how they did cast it!

My engineer Dad and everyone he worked with all loved, “Kelly’s Heroes,” including the women. Especially the women. Is this an engineer thing?

My first thought was the ***Alien ***movies, with all their bizarre spacecraft interiors: dangling chains, dripping water, rising steam, insanely complicated self-destruct mechanisms…