Movies that rock

My SO & I recently re-watched Rock & Roll Highschool, which was more enjoyable than I thought it would be so long as you go in with the right frame of mind. We also love Spinal Tap like all red blooded mammals, and now we are looking for more enjoyable (not necessarily Good, although we aren’t opposed) movies that bring the ROCK. Or the RAWK, if you prefer. Any recommendations?

Gotta go with **Spinal Tap **- the songs are such good parodies that I want to accept them at face value…even Lick My Love Pump :wink:

Based on This Is Spinal Tap, I think you should check out Best In Show.

Best in Show, while being an excellent movie, does not ROCK. I don’t mean rock in the figurative, “this thing rocks!” sort of way, I mean in the literal “this thing has people playing instruments” way.

Still Crazy

School of Rock, with all of its Jack Black loving metal work, and a great battle of the bands scene at the end.

I’ll go with School of Rock as well. Mr. Schneibley’s lessons are pretty much the same as the stuff I’m trying to teach my son.

The movie rocks because it’s about the love of rock.

Still Crazy sounds interesting, that is now on the list, thanks! School of Rock we’ve seen and is definitely the type of movie we are looking for.

Many Cameron Crowe movies rock:
Almost Famous (for its 70s rock soundtrack and autobiographical tale of coming of age on while on tour with an up and coming band)
Singles (for its 90s Seattle alternative rock soundtrack)

The Rocker sort of rocked thanks to Rainn Wilson ridiculous portrayal of an aging has-been rock star trying to mentor his nephews emo power-pop band.

Rock Star starring Mark Wahlberg also somewhat rocked.

High Fidelity with John Cussack and Jack Black mosty rocked.

A different era of rock, but lots of fun and both very good, with great music.

That Thing You Do!

American Hot Wax

The Kids are Alright

“Rude Boy”

And “A Hard Day’s Night,” of course.

Purple Rain
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Phantom of the Paradise

A few movies that punk rocked:
Times Square
Ladies and Gentlemen… The Fabulous Stains

Love the Blues Brothers, can pop it in even now and just be transported. Some great performances by James Brown, Ray Charles, Aretha Frankiln, John Lee Hooker, Cab Calloway & Belsuhi & Ayckroyd themselves. Guess they’re all gone now (John Candy, too) except Franklin & Ayckroyd.
Geez, I remember seeing that movie at a drive-in in like, what, '80 or something?
Good God :smack:
Lotta fun!

Shamelessly promoting my old thread (I think there are some good suggestions in there)

Someone recommended The Rutles to me in that thread. I haven’t seen it yet, but it might be worth checking out if you like Spinal Tap and the Beatles.

The oddest thing I’ve found out recently was that the Ramones were not the original choice for that film. Nope, the original title was going to be Heavy Metal Kids and was going to star Todd Rundgren and Utopia. Later choices included Cheap Trick, Devo and Van Halen. And, at one point, Roger Corman was wanting to catch the tail end of the Disco craze by calling it Disco High.

Please check out the inspiration - the real School of Rock. There is a wonderful documentary about the original school in Philadelphia called Rock School that came out after School of Rock, but was filming long before. As enjoyable as the Jack Black movie is, kids in that movie are not particularly talented musicians. But the kids in Rock School are the real deal.

The real School of Rock isn’t one of these warm and fuzzy “everybody gets a plastic trophy” type of programs. There are three levels, the kids compete to get into the higher levels and play more difficult music. The beginners typically will be playing stuff like Black Sabbath (and you’ve never heard Iron Man until you’ve heard it sung by a seven year old), the intermediates might do a tribute show to a genre like “Southern Rock” and the advanced kids will be playing stuff like Rush or Zappa.

I’ve videotaped my local SoR, and even the kids who are not going to pursue music as a career still usually put on a decent show, and learn good habits that I wish a lot more musicians had learned.

Since the film, the program has grown to 30+ schools around the country, and the best from each school compete to go on national tours and play festivals.

Air Guitar Nation is a fun movie.

Hard Core Logo is quite good, but not really a comedy as the IMDB tags suggest.

Anvil:The Story of Anvil Robb and Lips keep their pact, made as 14 year olds, to rock together forever. But it ain’t easy.

In the locust wind comes a Rattle And Hum.