Movies where knives are prominently featured

With clips if possible

The Iron Mistress
Rebel Without a Cause
Top 10 Hollywood Movie Knife Fights

Add some…

Magnificent Seven

  • 12 Angry Men*–Henry Fonda, as the lone dissenting juror, produces a switchblade knife identical to the one identified as the murder weapon.

First Blood.

Under Siege.

Crocodile Dundee. :smiley:


The Golden Child

Let him ask.

I say I-I-uh-uh-uh-I want THE KNIIIIIFE.

Let him ask AGAIN.

I want the kniiiiiiiife. Pleeeeeeease.


The big Princess Bride swordfight only takes so long due to a well-timed throwing knife.


West Side Story


Marathon Man

There are plenty of examples from the James Bond franchise, but special mention should go to the iconic Red Grant fight in From Russia With Love.

V for Vendetta

Funny, I was going to mention “FRWL,” but give a shout out to Rosa Klebb’s shoe knives!

The Wrong Guy

(continues here)

The Iron Mistress, which is about Jim Bowie

Just curious: did you happen to notice the OP?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. “Rules?!?”

Although knives aren’t featured throughout it, I can’t resist mentioning Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Sam Peckinpah’s last film (and almost forgotten which is a shame). This gives me a chance to turn people on to it (the full version, not the butchered one).

Where else can you see Bob Dylan use a knife the way you imagined you could when you were a kid? Or a teen. Or a juvenile delinquent. In the ‘Old West’. You tell me, eh?