Movies where the fat/nerdy/annoying guy could realistically get the girl.

I was just watching Fanboys. Not a great movie, but it had it’s moments. One part that bothered me though was the idea that Kristen Bell would be in any way interested in Jay Baruchel’s character. I’m just not buying it. It got me thinking, that is a pet peeve of mine. The unbelievable pairings of interesting attractive women with losers. The eighties was full of this.

Can you guys think of any movies where it’s within the realm of possibility that in real life the guy would get the girl? By guy I mean nerdy/fat/annoying. and By girl I mean attractive AND interesting.

The only example I can think of is The Tao of Steve and I think this is only because he wore her down. But It was at least believable.

Oops. Misspelled realistically.

Sixteen Candles.

The plot of Angus was believable.

The guy was attractive…if a bit dense. Molly Ringwald was cute and certainly interesting, but I never saw her as completely nerdy. I guess because she played the princess in The Breakfast Club, but it was always hard to see her as undesirable.

But it does fit the OP.

Anything is possible. How do I know? Real life examples:

Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks (married 40 years)

Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek (married almost 20 years)

It didn’t last, but Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett

Jo Andres and Steve Buscemi (married 22 years)

I know there are tons more, but those came to mind immediately.

Regarding Sixteen Candles, I thought maybe it was a reference to The Geek and Caroline, rather than Sam and Jake.

Heh. I was gonna ask if a movie had been made of The Billy Joel Story.

Yes, this is what I was referring to; the Geek & the Trophy Girlfriend appeared to have made a connection.

Another John Hughes / Molly Ringwald movie which perhaps better fits the OP is Pretty in Pink.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Can’t Hardly Wait

Shallow Hall (although the girl was also fat)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was ridiculous. The odds of one hot chick finding Jason Segel attractive were low. The odds of two of them doing it simultaneously were nearly infinitesimal.

Knocked Up seemed believable because of the situation. Katherine Heigl’s character only sleeps with Seth Rogen’s because she’s drunk. Then, when she gets pregnant, she allows him to be in her life, and he just sort of worms his way into her affections. Normally, she never would have given him the time of day.

I always thought that Jonah Hill in Superbad getting the girl was pretty believable.

There’s a difference between “not the best looking men in the world” and “nerdy,” “fat” or “annoying.”

You’re talking about film and rock stars with extreme charisma and talent. You really think Steve Buscemi is a nerdy and annoying guy in real life?

Encino Man

No, but Ric Ocasek has looked like the first wave of the dessicated zombie corpse invasion pretty much since 1979.

Clerks II. Kevin Smith commented in the credits that Rosario Dawson’s acting was so amazing, even he thought she’d have fucked Dante!

Blaze. Granted, the shlubby guy was played by Paul Newman, but he was an old Paul Newman. Lolita Davidovitch, at the peak of her babe-o-liciousness, looked about right as Blaze Starr and Newman, old and craggy as he was at that point, still looked a lot better than the real-life Gov. Earl Long.

I actually thought that it wasn’t that unbelievable in Fanboys; the way Kristen Bell is portayed during the film doesn’t make her look especially hot or unreachable (while she is by no means ugly or anything) it is only in the last scene (yeah the Leia one) where the combination seems unlikely and I think they even use that when the brother of the carsales guy (too lazy to look up names, but Roy from the Office) says somithing like : How did you get to hit that?

Shatner did it.

Miri and Zak make a Porno…perfect example of that “mismatched” couple. However, I think the mismatch is the rule, rather than the exception. In real life, there are very few even matches.

Looks didn’t count in that real-life relationship. Gov Long had political power, and a lot of it. In the real world that gives ugly men an edge up over good-looking only guys every time.