Movies whose lack of Blu-Ray release surprised you

I got a Blu-Ray player a few months ago so I’ve been on somewhat of a buying spree to see my favorite movies in all their high-def wonder, but I’ve also found it to be somewhat hit-or-miss. I’ve come across old John Wayne flicks and B-movies on Blu-Ray, but other big names are nowhere to be found, often without so much a release date. It’s kind of bewildering why a studio would not be churning these babies out as quick as possible…

Two examples I can thnk of off the top of my head:
[li]Big Lebowski[/li][li]Kingpin[/li][/ul]

Anyone else been in a similar situation? What movies have you gone to find on Blu-Ray only to turn up empty-handed?

The Big Lebowski came out on HD-DVD, so the work has been done.