Movies with 'authentic' Scottish accents

What movies have good Scottish accents? Modern ones preferable.

Anything with Sean Connery.

“The Hunt For Red October” and “The Untouchables” spring to mind :wink:

Edit: Ack simulpost! What Clothahump said.

While Christopher Lambert’s accent in Highlander is, errr, open to question, many of the actors in the Scottish flashback bits are, in fact, Scottish …

And Highlander. (Ironically, of course, Connery’s character was an Egyptian-born Spaniard, while the actual Scottish character was played by an American-born, Swiss-raised Frenchman (Christopher Lambert), so, while there was a very good Scottish accent in a movie about a Scot…it was still epic accent fail.)

The accents in Trainspotting are pretty good, although Ewan McGregor cannot really disguise his roots (private school, Perthshire) but there again Renton was supposed to be a bit brighter than the rest of them and in any case he’s Scottish. Jonny Lee Miller as Sick Boy does a great job as a posh Scots boy slumming it. Ewan Brember and Robert Carlyle do good work too, to drop down to working class demotic, but neither are too far from native in real life, especially Carlyle, the doss cunt. tosses pint glass and chibs tourist

Sean Connery’s accent is, well, just Sean. He’sh in a group of hish own.

I would think the relatively recent movie Trainspotting featured very authentic Scottish accents from the principals involved.

For a Glasgow accent, I’d recommend Ratcatcher. The US edition (via Criterion) actually comes with subtitles, even though it’s in English.

It is a rather depressing movie, mind.

Rent My Name is Joe to hear thick Glaswegian accents. I first saw this in a theater in Frankfurt and had to read the German subtitles to understand what they were saying in English, at least for the first half of the film.

It’s also a bit depressing. I think that’s authentic Scottish movies stock-in-trade.

I’m not British, so I’ll be cautious about proclaiming anyting “most authentic.” But in the Mike Leigh film Secrets and Lies, the wife played by Phyllis Logan ( who is Scottish ) seems to show a nice accent contrast vs. the rest of the ( English ) actors.

Gregory’s Girl. Local Hero.

Well, let’s rephrase the question- are there any movies in which actors or actresses who are NOT actually Scottish play Scottish characters and get the accent right?

I can think of countless embarrassingly BAD Scottish burrs in Hollywood films… but who’s gotten it right?

Strangely enough, Scottish actors often do American accents (even REGIONAL American accents) extremely well. Glasgow’s Kelly Macdonald was FAR more convincing as a Texan (In “No COuntry for Old Men”) than many American actresses have been.

Here ya go–so Scottish and modern it requires subtitles! Also contains some of the funniest, sickest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. Highly recommended…

Trainspotting is Danny Boyle. Is his Millions “Scottish”?
I’m directing a play so subtitles are out. I don’t want accents so thick you canna understan what they mean.

Not a movie, but if you want to study a Scots accent, watch The Late Late Show on CBS. Craig Ferguson has a quite authentic burr.

Also not a movie, but the TV series The book group is set in Glasgow with quite a few actual Scottish actors playing Scottish characters. It’s also extremely funny.

I saw this film again recently. It’s a piece of shit but the accents are pretty good.

Please, best malign God EVAR in any movie, hands down! And the middle section of the triptych was a fabulous character study. I think I was married to that guy once–sans accent, mind you, and never had to go through nearly that much shit from me, but the similarities are quite marked.

The first section was just friggin’ hilarious. I swat flies with a happy heart after that–always knew the little fuckers were up to more than we suspect!

Any movie with John Hannah in it. Yum.

To my ears Alec Guinness has a very good shot of it in Tunes of Glory.