Movies with pregnant women who don't give birth...

Wasn’t Catherine Zeta-Jones character pregnant in Traffic? I don’t believe it was referenced or resolved during the movie.

She’s since given birth to a baby girl (voiced by Patrick Stewart). The baby even came with her own tiny wheelchair.

In fFargo the police detective is quite pregnant, and lying in bed with her husband at the end looking forward to the birth.

It’s a rather touching scene. Two very ordinary looking people, but in love with each other. And she just finished telling him how proud she was that his painting got on the three cent stamp.


That’s a good once. Especially since we find out part of Lars’s “delusion” was caused by his anxiety over her health since his mom died giving birth to him.

Apollo 13. Mrs Fred Haise was pregnant at during the movie, and despite the tension, did not give birth or have a miscarriage. No idea if she was actually expecting at the time IRL. The movie did take one or two liberties with history for dramatic effect so…

Chekhov’s womb?

No, because her daughter features heavily in the second movie. She gave birth off screen.

Similarly, Blythe Danner was pregnant during the filming of 1776. That child has also pursued a career in acting.

In the indie film Away We Go the characters discover that she is pregnant and spend the movie trying to find a suitable city to relocate to. No birth occurs at the end.

I can’t tell whether or not you realize that Fargo was mentioned in the OP.

It does seem to be a rule in threads like this that somebody must say “I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned…” and then name something that actually was mentioned early on, often in the OP itself.

Anyway, FWIW, Fargo was what I immediately thought of when I saw the thread title.

Away We Go is all about a pregnancy but the baby isn’t born by the end of it.

I’m pretty sure in Home Fries (1998) Drew Barrymore’s character is still pregnant at the end of the film.

In an old movie Starman (1984) an alien played by Jeff Bridges impregnates Karen Allen’s character near the end of the story.

So while the character wasn’t pregnant in the beginning of the story, nor was she visibly pregnant anytime in the story, she manages to exit the story pregnant.

The pregnancy of the lead character was a main part of Small, Beautifully Moving Parts. But as I recall, the movie ended with her still pregnant.

Anne Acher’s character was pregnant in Patriot Games, with the amusing ending where she finds out the sex of the baby over the phone and is about to tell Harrison Ford, but then it fades to black before the audience finds out.

Dogma is another example of a character discovering she is pregnant as part of the ending of a movie.

Superman 2?

Kisses For My President

… who? Ursa, Lois, or Miss Tessmacher?

I gather Horatio is referring to the outcome we see in “Superman Returns”, i.e. Lois has since given birth to a hybrid child, presumably conceived during “Superman II”.

… and she was pregnant during Superman III and IV as well, one would assume. :dubious: