Movies you feel like you've seen

The Godfather - I’ve never seen this movie, but there are so many cultural references to it, parodies, etc., that I actually feel like I’ve seen it and know the entire plot. Can anyone else think of any movies like this?


Looks so stupid to me. Maybe that’s because I’m a 17-year old male.

But I’ll tell ya what. I’ll go rent Casablanca if you rent The Godfather. I have seen that one, and it truly is one of the 2 or 3 best films of all time.

I think a case could be made for The Godfather being the best movie of all time.

I’ve felt that way about alot of movies, so I’ve tried to make it a point to actually see them:

Citizen Kane (not really very impressed, but I understand why it was such a breakthrough)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
From Here to Eternity, which I still have not seen.
Dr. Strangelove
and yes, Casablanca, which I didn’t care for at all.

Pulp Fiction, for me. Never seen it, but have heard so many references to it I don’t think I need to!

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I’ve never seen Pulp Fiction either, but I feel like I have. I also heard a lot of info on Shakespere in Love. When I actually saw Shakespere, I sort of knew what was going to happen.

Gilligan: You need to see Godfather.
And Pete: Casablanca is an excellent movie. It’s worth renting just so you understand why everyone quotes it, and talks about it so much.


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Deal, I’ll rent it tonight.

Apocalypse Now. My brother and I are movie quote junkies, so I know the words, just never been in the mood to rent it.

I swear I am not making this up, but I have never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life”. How could anyone NOT feel like they’ve seen it?

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Something about Mary. I hadn’t seen it until it came out video, when I finally saw it I knew everything that was gonna happen.