Movies you got the wrong idea about based only on their titles

As I recall there was a kiss. One between Raul Julia and William Hurt. Maybe not what you were looking for.

I was a big fan of VH-1’s unsung series, Bands on the Run - where several small time bands toured and played little clubs on their own, with reality show type contests in between to cull it down to the one remaining band, which was an effing great show … but I digress.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard they were creating a new show called Making the Band. You can also imagine my disappointment when I tuned in to discover there was no band any were remotely associated with the show.

For those not in the know - it was a reality show dedicated to auditioning mostly talentlest pretty boys to become the next N-Sync.

I was not impressed.

I was getting ready to watch Edison force, a movie I knew next to nothing about. In my mind I imagined a possible plot: in the dawning of the century Thomas A. Edison recruits a bunch of orphan kids and gives them ELECTRICAL POWERS in order to FIGHT THE GERMAN SPIES, or something.

It seems impossible that the actual movie could be worse than that. It was a movie with LL Cool Jay and that guy form N’Sync about corrupt policemen in a city named “Edison”. It was absurdly boring.
Then there’s the movie Rocket Science. Just going by the name, I expected to be something on the lines of October Sky, or maybe even Real Genius. It was about a stuttering kid trying to make it in a High School debate team. Surprisingly good, I thought, by the way. A very successful attempt at making an anti-movie.

I remember being really impressed that Sylvester Stallone was stepping out of his comfort zone to play the composer Aaron Copland.

The Mission isn’t exactly an action-adventure about some daring rescue or commando operation.

I just remembered one: Avalon has nothing to do with Arthurian legends, or the middle ages as a matter of fact.

Some people claimed that Cinderella Man did poorly because of its title…

Since i followed my father’s advice i did not know that :smiley:

I saw Flickerstick in concert once. They were really a damn good band and it’s a shame they were never able to step out of the shadow of being a “reality show band.”

‘George the Third’ was not part of a trilogy.

It’s true that some fingers were painted gold in ‘Goldfinger’, but it wasn’t why they chose the title.

‘To kill a mockingbird’ has no information on specific bird trapping.

‘Animal House’ did have a horse, but again it wasn’t why they chose the title.

‘The Longest Day’ was 24 hours, just like every other day.

However ‘Snakes on a plane’ does clearly explain the premise!

Last night on the Colbert Report:

“Oliver Stone will be here to talk about his new movie W, which I assume is a prequel to Spike Lee’s X.”

As a pretty young girl my friend and I got ourselves all prepped to watch the movie Star Wars on TV.

It was Ronald Regan talking about the Star Wars program. It scared us shitless.

You mean The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas isn’t a porno flick? :eek:

I read a novel I enjoyed, “Dynasty” by robert Elegant.

When the TV show Dynasty was announced I was excited. I was really looking forward to a weekely series set in Asia, with Asian stars.

I was very disappointed.

They were afraid of that, apparently–hence the little gun in the letter r in the logo. Also, Jamie Lynn Sigler, who played Meadow, auditioned for it thinking it might be about singing, since she also sings.

my husband did not want to watch it for the same reason–i kept telling him we should watch it. he begrudgingly watched it during one of the first season marathons on hbo–the rest is history!

I didn’t bother watching Angelheart for a long while because I thought that it was a romance,boy was I wrong.

A.I. I thought it was going to be good hard sci-fi, not crap.

sexy beast

i thought it was some sort of romance or something. far from it :smack: :smiley:

Asian Creampies is not a cooking show, but that’s what I told my kids when it showed up on the satellite program guide. Yes, I have since set the guide to not show those titles

Maybe not on the sites *you *visit it ain’t.