Movies you like in genres you hate

Example: I don’t like chick flicks, but I liked First Wives’ Club.

I don’t liek musicals, but I loved South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut.

I don’t generally like Westerns, but I did like Silverado.

I don’t like teen movies, and sports movies aren’t all that great either, but I will admit that “Bring it On” is enjoyable, and not just for cute girls juming in the air in skirts.

What he said.

I hate sports, so typically hate sports oriented movies. But I loved A League of Their Own. As confirmed by my username :smiley:

I hate sci-fi and fantasy, but The City of Lost Children was incredible.

Some on this board might say that the romantic comedy Love Actually is neither romantic nor comedic. I disagree, and I really liked it.

Hate horror flicks. Loved The Shining .

Hate films which are Car Chase/Shootout followed by Shootout/Car Chase throughout with little to no plot. loved The Transporter

I hate chick flicks, too, but I loved Under the Tuscan Sun enough to get the DVD. It’s the only chick flick in my vast collection.

I also hate costume things, but I bought my wife The Count of Monte Cristo for her birthday, and she’s sat me through it enough times so that it’s grown on me.

Don’t usually care for westerns or outer space sci-fi, but loved Serenity (I suspect this is the case with many of its fans).

I’m not a big fan of wire-fu movies but I liked Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Kung Fu Hustle.


I don’t care for films about dancing, but loved Strictly Ballroom.

I don’t like weepers, but “Tokyo Story” was great.

Wow, it took only three posts and someone beat me to it–this is exactly what I came in here to post!